Human Research Protection Program

The CUNY SPH Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) works in conjunction with the CUNY Central HRPP to promote high quality, ethical research. The office provides regulatory and administrative oversight of human subjects research conducted by CUNY SPH faculty, staff, and students within the school’s programs, and across its affiliated centers and institutes. It also provides educational support to CUNY SPH researchers and assists them in complying with federal, state, and university policies surrounding human subjects research.

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The CUNY SPH HRPP office is part of a consortium of 19 campus HRPPs across CUNY, all of which are under the auspices of the CUNY Central HRPP. The CUNY Central HRPP also oversees the review and conduct of research conducted by the university’s three federally registered University integrated Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). For information on the CUNY Central HRPP, including CUNY-wide HRPP policies and procedures, please click here.

Access CUNY’s IRB submission platform, IRB Manager, here.

IRB Manager Resources:

Additional information and training on IRB Manager can be found on the Central HRPP website.

CUNY IRB Submission Overview

CUNY uses an online platform called IRBManager for IRB submissions. Training videos and Q&A on using IRBManager are available here.

Human Subjects Research (HSR) Assessment

SPH researchers* who are uncertain if their proposed projects are HSR and require IRB approval should complete the SPH HRPP Office’s HSR Assessment Form to receive a determination from our office.

*Note that there is a separate HSR determination process for Fieldwork & Capstone students, who are required to obtain an HSR determination before beginning their projects. Requirements for Fieldwork students can be found here, and requirements for Capstone students can be found here.