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Course Categories and Definitions

In-person: Course meets in-person on a predefined schedule. Online materials may be assigned as homework for students to access on their own schedule (asynchronous). Currently, in-person classes are offered at CUNY SPH 4:00 PM and later, Monday through Thursday.

Hybrid: Some course lectures, activities and meetings are online (can be asynchronous or synchronous, at assigned days and times noted in CUNYFirst).

Synchronous online: Class meets entirely online (no in-person meetings at all) and at least one of the online sessions is synchronous, meaning that students are required to be online on the course website at the same time.  The schedule for synchronous sessions are noted in CUNYFirst.

Asynchronous online: All class sessions are online (no in-person meetings at all) and the student can access the materials at any time (there are no synchronous sessions).

Technical Requirements

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Computer with Firefox browser (recommended) and Java installed
  • CUNYFirst and Blackboard account
  • Headset (recommended)

Information on CUNY SPH’s compliance with student identity verification in distance education can be found via this link.