Scholarships & Fellowships

CUNY SPH, the Office of the Dean, and the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) offer scholarships, fellowships, grants, and awards to help master’s and doctoral students reach their full potential during their time at school. Below is a listing of these funding opportunities from CUNY SPH and partners, along with a selection of other scholarships and fellowships from external sources.

For master’s students

Who for? First-year master’s students
How much? 6-12 credits of in-state tuition
Description CUNY SPH awards several Dean’s Scholarships to master’s students based on a demonstrated history of academic excellence. Scholarships cover in-state tuition during the first year (12 credits for fall semester enrollees) or semester (6 credits for spring semester enrollees) of study.
Eligibility Requirements
Overall GPA of 3.5 or higher. Eligible students will automatically be considered for this scholarship via their completed SOPHAS application. No additional application is needed. Once awarded a Dean’s Scholarship, Fall MPH/MS enrollees must register for at least 6 credits per semester and maintain a minimum of a 3.5 Graduate GPA.


Who for? First-year MPH and MS students
How much? Covers 25% of your overall tuition
Description CUNY SPH awards Merit Scholarships to master’s students based on a demonstrated history of academic excellence. Scholarships cover 25% of your overall in-state tuition for your first year.
Eligibility Requirements Minimum GPA of 3.3 or higher. Eligible students will automatically be considered for this scholarship via their completed SOPHAS application. No additional application is needed.
Who for? Health Policy and Management students who have completed one semester.
How much? Four semesters in an intensive extracurricular program
Description The Michael Meng Fellowship for Healthcare Business Innovation enrolls ten Health Policy and Management students into an intensive four-semester extra-curricular program to build their expertise and knowledge in health business. Fellows will learn directly from respected business executives and leaders, receive premier access to professional development at the Career Skills Academy and experience hands-on training in public health entrepreneurship at Firefly Innovations, a global ecosystem of public health entrepreneurs, experts, and investors.
Eligibility Requirements Current HPAM student who has completed at least one semester at SPH, earned a GPA of 3.3 or higher, and can demonstrate a commitment to a two-year structured, cohort-based program
Who for? Any first-time graduate student at CUNY SPH enrolled in an MPH or MS program
How much? $750 per semester for four consecutive semesters ($3,000 total)
Description Provides master’s level scholarship to two students with bilingual Spanish/English skills and previous experience with U.S. Latino/Hispanic populations through work or identified community volunteer activities, who demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to addressing social determinants of health as they impact underserved communities of color.
Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must be first-time graduate degree candidates accepted into their respective program before consideration and have bilingual Spanish/English skills. They will need to complete a questionnaire and draft an essay demonstrating their understanding of and interest in addressing the needs of under-served populations, including U.S. Latino/Hispanic communities, and demonstrate financial need in their FAFSA filing. They must be willing to meet with the Molina Scholarship Director periodically, and maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA. Priority is given to residents of New York City.
Please stay tuned for more information on applications.
Who for? MS students in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences program
How much? At least 24 credits of in-state tuition reimbursement.
Description The MS in industrial hygiene is an ABET accredited program funded through the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Education and Research Centers (NIOSH ERC) grant. CUNY SPH is part of the New York-New Jersey Occupational Safety & Health Center ERC. Students admitted into the MS degree program are eligible for at least 24 credits of tuition reimbursement. Admission criteria for the MS degree include a baccalaureate degree in a science or engineering, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Considerations will be given to promising applicants that are currently working in the field. All applicants must have completed at least 40 credit hours in the following courses: biology, chemistry, health sciences, mathematics, statistics, physics, or engineering prior to admission.
Eligibility Requirements Eligible students will automatically be considered for this scholarship. No additional application needed.
Who for? MS students in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences program
How much? Full coverage of in-state tuition
Description The development of new technologies for detection of environmental contaminants have increased considerably in the last 15 years. The technology in the form of new sensors, smartphone applications, and wearables devices are widely available to researchers as well as consumers interested in obtaining spatial and temporally resolved environmental data. The overall goal of this training program is to add significant new research opportunities for students in MS EOHS program. In addition to tuition reimbursement, we will provide five graduate assistantships per year (approximately $20,000) for students to work with faculty mentors in the research areas of sensor technology development and validation.
Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must first have applied successfully to the MS program in Environmental Health Sciences. Eligibility is restricted to U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are prepared to work part time with a faculty mentor. Suitable for students in CUNY SPH’s 4+1 programs as well as other students.

For doctoral students

Who for? Doctoral Students
How much? Varies depending on proposals.
Description The Dean’s Dissertation Grant is available to PhD students who are actively enrolled and in good academic standing, have successfully defended their dissertation proposal, and have received Institutional Review Board approval for their dissertation proposal.

Please note that the application period for this fellowship is now closed.

Who for? One full-time doctoral student
How much? Full in-state tuition and a $35,000 annual stipend
Description Provided by a generous grant from Dr. M. Lyndon Haviland and CUNY SPH, the doctoral fellowship in migrant health provides one doctoral student with the opportunity to develop their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in using policy and public health strategies to address issues related to migrant health.

For all students

Who for? All active students
How much? Saves each student $85 per year.
Description The American Public Health Association is a critical organization for public health students to be involved in. It offers invaluable opportunities to participate in research and service groups, present and share findings, and network with peers across the U.S. to enhance future professional and scholarly opportunities.
Who for? Any CUNY SPH student with an accepted poster or oral presentation at the annual American Public Health Association conference.
How much? $1,000
Description The opportunity to present one’s research at the annual APHA conference gives CUNY SPH students the opportunity to share their work, learn from others, and build relationships that will serve them throughout their future careers. The Dean’s APHA travel award is intended to encourage the widest possible student participation at APHA.
Who for? Active students
How much? Varies
Description The GSGA offers various awards that students may apply for. Please see the GSGA website for details on available awards.