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Accelerate completion of your master’s degree through the 4+1 program!

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This exciting program enables undergraduate students at partner CUNY colleges to take between 3 – 18 credits of graduate level courses at CUNY SPH. Courses count for both undergraduate and graduate credits, saving the student tuition costs, while allowing for the completion of a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years.

The program is designed to be flexible – students can apply their sophomore, junior, or senior year, and begin their graduate coursework in the spring, summer, or fall semester.


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Students from our partner colleges who have:

– Completed 60 undergraduate credits or more

– Maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (3.3 for Macaulay Honors College students)

Application is a two-step process.

Step 1: Apply internally

Initially, eligible students will apply to their college’s 4+1 Admissions Committee with a personal statement. The Admissions Committee will look up the student’s transcript. The application deadline is January 1st for students planning to start in the spring semester, May 1st for students planning to start in the summer session, and August 1st for students planning to start in the fall session.

Students who are accepted through this initial process will be eligible to begin taking graduate courses at CUNY SPH via e-permit. Accepted students may earn up to 18 graduate credits that will apply toward their bachelor’s degree at their home campus, and a master’s degree at CUNY SPH.

Step 2: After graduating from your bachelor’s program

Students will be provisionally admitted to CUNY SPH and will not be required to complete an application in SOPHAS (which is a sort of CommonApp for schools of public health). The GRE is waived for all applicants. All other requirements will apply. Application fees will be waived by CUNY SPH.

Final acceptance will be granted when students have completed at least 12 credits of SPH coursework, maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for both cumulative and SPH-specific coursework, and earned their bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed fewer than 12 credits of SPH courses while undergraduates will be reviewed for final acceptance. 


For students who aim to graduate in five years, we recommend the sequence below:

Freshman Year Student completes undergraduate coursework.
Sophomore Year Student speaks with undergraduate advisor about participation in 4+1 Program. Student applies to 4+1 Program at end of sophomore year.
Junior Year Student completes relevant SPH coursework alongside undergraduate coursework.
Senior Year Student completed relevant SPH coursework alongside undergraduate coursework. Student graduates with bachelor’s degree.
Year One at CUNY SPH Student matriculates as a CUNY SPH student and completes remaining coursework. Student graduates with master’s degree.

We recommend students schedule a call with a CUNY SPH staff advisor for assistance in mapping out their MPH or MS degree requirements. Full-time course sequences are available below, arranged by program and start date.


For undergraduate advising, contact your campus advisor.