Specialization in Maternal, Child, Reproductive, and Sexual Health

Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health (MCRSH) is a key to the long‐term health of individuals, families, communities and societies. Many adverse yet preventable reproductive and sexual health outcomes—such as unintended pregnancies, maternal and infant mortality, STIs, gender‐ related violence and others—are still the leading causes of illness and death for children and women of childbearing age worldwide. Although mortality in these groups is declining overall, some resource‐poor regions of the world still face significant burdens and many children and women do not live in environments where they can achieve their full potential.

The MCRSH specialization is designed to provide MPH (in-person or hybrid students only) and PhD students with a theoretical understanding of the social and historical frameworks that shape related health outcomes across the life‐span, as well as a foundation for research and programmatic activities in maternal, child, reproductive and sexual health. The curriculum embraces a holistic approach to sexual and reproductive health that recognizes the diversity of human sexual expression, relationships and family structures; promotes informed, healthy, respectful and responsible choices, free from coercion; and supports increased access to effective preventive, screening, treatment, and support services.

MCRSH Specialization Application

MCRSH Activity/Event Form for 0 credit requirementFor current MCRSH students only (not including CHASS)

For more information, please contact your faculty advisor or MCRSH Director Prof. Diana Romero

For students who began matriculating in Spring 2019 or earlier, please review the previous degree requirements for the MCRSH specialization here.

Course Credits
PUBH 840 Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health in Context (offered in the spring) 3
PUBH 841 Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health: A Life Course Perspective (offered in the fall) 3
Elective/or selective course: Must be explicitly related to MCRSH, such as: Adolescent Health; Reproductive Epidemiology; Reproductive and Sexual Health, Policy, and Rights; Sexuality through the Lifespan; Gender and Health; Sexual Health Promotion; or possible independent study with advisor’s permission. Upon approval from the MCRSH Director, students in programs with fewer than 9 elective credits may fulfill this requirement by documenting their participation in four MCRSH-related activities and events (e.g., Grand Rounds, faculty research presentations, etc.) over the course of their time in the program. 0 – 3
Practice (required for MPH only): Fieldwork in an area related to MCRSH. 3
Culminating Experience: Capstone Project/Master’s Essay (MPH) or  Dissertation (PhD), in an area related to MCRSH. 0 – 3
Total credits
6 – 15