Approved Fieldwork Sites

The OEL Database contains a list of organizations approved by the OEL to serve as fieldwork sites for SPH students.  Included are the name of the contact person and contact information. You will need your SPH Domain Account (sph\) credentials to log in. This is the same account used for WiFi, logging into lab computers, and remote access to Library resources. Please email the helpdesk ( for password resets.

The information contained herein should be used to

  • identify a fieldwork site of interest
  • learn more about the organization by visiting the website
  • reach out to the organization’s contact person and arrange a meeting to explore doing the practicum there
  • agree on a project and preceptor in order to prepare the Learning Agreement

Once you’ve identified a preceptor and agreed on a fieldwork project, prepare the Learning Agreement.  Be sure the Learning Agreement is signed by you, the preceptor, and faculty advisor prior to submission to

Please be in touch with OEL if you have difficulty finding a site that is compatible with your interests.

If you reach out to an organization and they tell you there are no fieldwork opportunities, please let the OEL know by sending an email to: