Fieldwork for MPH in Community Health

The CHSS Practice Collaborative

MPH students in the Community Health concentration who matriculated in Fall 2019 or later fulfill fieldwork and capstone requirements through the courses Community Health Practice Collaborative I (CHSS 696) and Community Health Practice Collaborative II (CHSS 698).

In CHSS 696 and CHSS 698, students work in groups with community organizations to gain real-world experience through a public health project. Students will be presented with several collaborative community health projects to choose from and work on as part of a group. Groups will comprise three to five students, in partnership with members from the host organization (eg, CBO, health department, health center), and with guidance from the instructor. Student groups will complete at least two project deliverables (eg, narrative review, data collection instrument, grant proposal, curriculum development, data collection, data analysis). You do not need to attend the Fieldwork Orientation prior to taking CHSS 696. You will not be responsible for finding your own fieldwork placement, so there is no preparation needed prior to taking CHSS 696.

CHSS 696 and CHSS 698 are taken sequentially, typically in the final two semesters of the student’s program. CHSS 696 requires students to have completed at least 18 credits along with a pre- or co-requisite of CHSS 625. CHSS 698 requires a pre-requisite of CHSS 696. For assistance in course planning, we recommend scheduling a call with a staff advisor.

Individual Fieldwork In Lieu of the CHSS Collaborative

If you have been accepted into a named internship or fellowship program, you may be eligible to use this as your CHSS 696 project.

Examples of programs include:

  • HRTP
  • EPI Scholars
  • Cancer Epidemiology Education in Special Population (CEESP) Program
  • Mount Sinai Public Health Internship
  • Mount Sinai Global Health Disparities Research Training Program
  • Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF)
  • Region 2 Public Health Training Center
  • Public Health Solutions Legacy Project Internship

To inquire about your eligibility, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) at

Introducing the CHSS Fieldwork Collaboration