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Making Public Health Personal is a podcast brought to you by CUNY SPH. Each episode focuses on an aspect of health and social justice that affects our daily lives. Learn from CUNY SPH’s expert faculty, researchers, alumni and students on how public health policy, advocacy and practices can benefit our ever-evolving community, and our world. You don’t have to work in healthcare or have a PhD to understand these topics. We break them down for you and give you practical tips to make a difference, big or small.

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Episode 1: Identifying accurate public health studies

The inaugural episode of Making Public Health Personal examines how to separate legitimate research from clickbait. Host Laura Meoli-Ferrigon is joined by Dr. Mary Schooling, chair of the Department of Environmental, Occupational, and Geospatial Health Sciences at CUNY SPH, who discusses how to understand different types of research studies, and key terms to look for when deciphering good research from sensational headlines.

While it may be convenient, it is also dangerous to rely on quick social media headlines or secondhand information when making public and personal health decisions. At the same time, medical research studies can seem overwhelmingly complicated and hard to understand, if we can locate them at all. In this episode, we discuss how you don’t need a medical or public health background to learn how to locate, identify, and understand reliable research data and studies. We also discuss the checks and balances the research community has in place to weed out unethical research practices.


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Episode Links: (Direct source of public health research studies available to all, curated by the National Library of Medicine) (Reminder: always check sources on this platform) (Another direct source of public health research studies available to all)

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