Emma Tsui

Associate Professor
Co-Facilitator, CUNY SPH Faculty Mentoring Program
Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs
Community Health and Social Sciences
(646) 364-0258
Emma K. Tsui works at the intersections of community health, occupational health, and the social sciences.
She conducts in-depth qualitative and ethnographic research, sometimes using innovative methods like peer interviewing, oral history, and digital storytelling, to elucidate the lived experience of marginalized workers and related lessons for public health. Most recently she has studied institutional food workers and home care aides with an interdisciplinary lens that illuminates how public and organizational policies, employers, and clients, shape the lives and labor of these worker groups who are largely women of color. Dr. Tsui’s work has also explored the implications of caring labor for public health and ways of better incorporating an ethos of care into public health practice and policy. These projects serve as a foundation for making policy recommendations, suggesting programmatic innovations, and provoking broader forms of structural reimagining. Dr. Tsui also collaborates frequently on mixed methods research and evaluation projects.
PhD in Health, Behavior & Society from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
MPH in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
BA in Psychology from Yale University, New Haven, CT
Research Interests
Low-income work and job training as social determinants of health, effects of urban and social policies on health, occupational health promotion, qualitative research methods, ethnography, community-engaged research approaches, participatory intervention development