CUNY SPH, located at 55 West 125th Street in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, occupies four floors and a ground floor space in the building. The campus offers, but is not limited to, a 120-person lecture hall, video production room, student lounge, computer lab, conference rooms, eight classrooms, study lounge, office space, workstations, wellness room, and all gender bathrooms.

The school is equipped with a specialized computer laboratory with 21 terminals, a general-use student lounge with 10 terminals, and a mobile laboratory with twenty laptop computers. Every laboratory provides access to several software packages including Microsoft Office, SAS, IBM SPSS, ESRI ArcGIS, Maplesoft, Wolfram Mathematica, Adobe Creative Suite, and others. Computing facilities also include a dedicated video recording room, equipped with a green screen, lighting equipment, high definition camera, high-quality audio recording equipment, and a workstation with video and audio editing software. The entire facility is blanketed with Wireless LAN, providing secure access to the datacenter for the CUNY SPH community and isolated internet access for guests.