Research Foundation Funds

Purchasing and Procurement

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research will assist Project Directors and Principal Investigators with the purchasing process of goods and services in accordance with RF Policy 501-D. Project Investigators and Project Directors are responsible for procuring their own goods and services, and must conform to the approved award budget and sponsor requirements.

Please refer to the guidelines below when purchasing goods, seeking the service of an independent contractor, honoraria, and other account payable expenditures:

Using a Purchasing Card (P-Card) for Sponsored Projects
RF ICA General Info
RF Accounts Payable and Honoraria

Business Meals and Catering Arrangements

Reiumbursement and payment of meals served during business meetings and events require the following documentation:

  • Event announcement or business purpose of meeting
  • List of attendees, giving name and project position
  • Detailed itemization of food and beverage charges. Reimbursement will not be made on the basis of credit card slips alone. Charges for alcoholic beverages are not allowed and will not be reimbursed.

RF Travel

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPaR) will assist Project Director’s and Principal Investigator’s that authorize travel on their projects for themselves, staff or invitees. Travel expenses must be appropriate and necessary to the project. Instructions are available on the RF CUNY Website.

Our Team

Research Foundation purchasing and procurement is administered by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPaR). Please view the SPaR team and contact info here.