Department of Community Health and Social Sciences

The Department of Community Health and Social Sciences (CHASS) applies a social justice framework to conducting research and taking action to improve community health.

The CHASS curriculum provides students with the tools to identify the deep-rooted structural determinants of community health and to develop and assess strategies to address these issues. Students are trained in applied research skills in community engagement and organizing, program planning, communications, and evaluation that will enable them to become more effective public health professionals and community health leaders.

CHASS students graduate with skills to engage with communities, identify and prioritize health issues within a social justice framework, and to develop health intervention and promotion strategies in various community settings.

CHASS also offers the additional option to pursue a Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health (MCRSH) specialization, which provides focused training from specific members of our core faculty. Students interested in working with mothers, children, adolescents and/or families should consider a specialization in this critical area of public health research and practice.

Please note that the MCRSH specialization is open to students of all tracks.

Department Chair

Christian Grov

Doctoral Director

Meredith Manze

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Listing of CHASS Faculty

Department Administrator

Toya Cox

Specialization offered within this department

MCRSH (open to students of all tracks)