What is the Capstone Project?

The Capstone Project (PUBH 698) is an integrative learning experience, consisting of a mostly self-directed seminar that allows students to apply experiences gained during their graduate program and synthesize their learnings into a major writing project. Data collected or project experience gained during Supervised Fieldwork (PUBH 696) typically serves as the basis for the writing project. Students are expected to use a combination of synthesized evidence, theoretical models, and empirical research to answer a public health research question or practice problem using interdisciplinary perspectives.

Who is required to take Capstone?

See our Degrees and Programs page for the capstone requirements by program.

When should I take Capstone?

The Capstone Project is typically taken in a student’s final semester. To register for Capstone, students must have completed at least 33 credits of coursework toward the MPH or MS degree, including Supervised Fieldwork (for MPH students only), all core coursework, and at least three concentration courses.

How do I plan for Capstone?

Students should discuss their research interests and Capstone Project goals with their faculty advisor over the course of their studies at SPH.

How do I register for Capstone?

Students should reach out to their departmental administrator to request registration permission:

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