IT Resources for Students

SPH Student email (

Instructions on how to log in are available here.

Your student email address is yours for life. You can use it to gain access to MS Office Suite while you are an active student.

Please email the helpdesk ( if you need a password reset.

Find instructions on how to add Office 365 to your mobile device here.



New users must “claim” their CUNYfirst accounts. The system verifies your identity against your Student record. Claim your account here.



How to access Blackboard: Go to and click LOGIN at the top right corner. Select Blackboard from the drop-down. Use your CUNYfirst username followed by and your CUNYfirst password to login. For example, if you log into CUNYfirst as george.washington76, you will log into Blackboard as

To update your email address, login to Blackboard. In the Home tab, under Tools, click “Update Email”. The email address you enter will be the primary account to receive Blackboard course-related notifications.

If you have any issues logging into Blackboard, please email

SPH Domain Account (sph\)

Used for WiFi, logging into lab computers, and remote access to Library resources. Please email the helpdesk ( for password resets.

Access to Library Resources

Requires SPH domain account credentials. For more information and to access to library services, click here.

Computer Labs/Laptops

Access to SPH computers requires SPH domain account credentials.

Open workstations are available in the 5th and 7th floor student lounge areas. Room 707 on the 7th floor is a computer lab and is accessible when classes are not in session. Students can borrow laptops for the day (due back at 10pm the same day), from the IT Helpdesk located on the 5th floor. Students will need an SPH ID to borrow.

The following software titles are available to all SPH students.

See the CUNY information security policy, Use of University Data in the Cloud.

Be sure to check out our software manuals at

MS Office Suite

Through your Office 365 email


Login using your CUNY Login credentials. Instructions available here.


Login with SSO, using “CUNY” as the company name, and your CUNY Login credentials for username and password. Instructions available here.

Microsoft Authenticator App

Available from the Apple and Google App stores.



Available online through CUNY Apporto
Use your CUNY Login to access the virtual computing environment.


Available online through CUNY Apporto
Use your CUNY Login to access the virtual computing environment.

ArcGIS Online

Available online through CUNY Apporto
Use your CUNY Login to access the virtual computing environment.


Contact the SPH IT Helpdesk for account activation.


Accessed using your SPH domain account. The SPH IT Helpdesk can reset your domain account password if needed.




The SPH SharePoint Intranet provides a secure, web-acessible, portal to store confidential data, and documents, that is hosted in the SPH DataCenter. SharePoint is available to all CUNY SPH faculty, staff, and students.
Login using your SPH domain credentials (e.g. sph\JSmith)
For training, and setting up new team sites, please send a request to the SPH Helpdesk (
A Quickstart Guide to the SPH SharePoint environment can be found here.




Web print requires SPH domain account credentials. Print from your own devices (while on SPH Wi-Fi).

Web printing can only be used to print PDFs or images. For MS Office files (e.g. a Word Document), first save to pdf, and then submit to the printer.

All active students are granted $35 in printing credits at the beginning of every term (Fall, Spring, Summer). Printing costs $ 0.03 per impression (2 sides of the same page = 2 impressions).

A student printer is located in the 7th floor student lounge area. The printer can be accessed from one of the workstations in that area, or using web print.

CUNY Virtual Desktop


CUNY-wide Software Licenses