Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee (“Tech Fee”) was created as a way to enhance technology available to students on CUNY campuses. Fees are collected from students to fund projects that have a “demonstrable affect” on the student body. Each campus has an advisory committee that consists of student, faculty and administrative staff representatives that recommends project approval. The Guidelines provided by CUNY state that:

  • Plans should be based on projected enrollments for the corresponding academic year and reflect college priorities and strategic directions.
  • Tech Fee initiatives are intended to directly benefit students.
  • The planning process should include campus leadership, faculty, and students.
  • Plans must be easily accessible via campus websites.

What can the Tech Fee be used for?

The Technology Fee can fund items such as computers and other related hardware (servers, printers, scanners, storage devices, network infrastructure, etc). The Technology Fee also funds software, online services and the staff necessary to make these available. Funds can be used to provide innovations in curricular related activities in which students will have direct access to emerging technologies.


The SPH Tech Fee Committee accepts proposals for technology-related projects that will be reviewed for the following fiscal year. All Student-submitted proposals must be sponsored by a Faculty mentor. Each fiscal year begins July 1st. Proposals can be submitted for review using the following link:

The Committee reviews proposals based on overall impact, methodology, and feasibility, and submits a plan to the SPH leadership for final approval. Proposals may be approved in whole or in part, declined, returned for further development, or held in queue for future implementation.

Proposals that are approved for funding go through standard CUNY procurement processes. If at any time in those processes, it is determined that implementation is not achievable, or doesn’t meet the criteria for success, the allocation of funds may be rescinded and the funds reallocated to other projects. In cases where actual costs exceed the allocated budgets, deviations must be reviewed by the Tech Fee Committee and approved by SPH leadership. Any cost savings will be returned to the Tech Fee fund for reallocation.

Tech Fee Plans