processed foods
What makes ultra-processed food so appealing? Two CUNY SPH researchers investigate
What makes ultra-processed food—products manufactured with industrial processes and high in fat, sugar and salt, additives, and preservatives—so appealing? Growing scientific evidence shows that ultra-processed foods are the leading cause of pre...
125th st and lenox street signs with starbucks sign in background
A small area index of gentrification, applied to New York City
As global cities implement development policies to reinvigorate their local economies, a common consequence is the process loosely referred to as gentrification, which drives up property values and threatens to displace low-income residents. Although...
Doctor explains vaccine to older man
Study proposes new strategies for reaching the COVID-19 vaccine hesitant
As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on into its third year, large numbers of people continue to avoid vaccination and newer more contagious variants continue to emerge. But what are the underlying causes of vaccine hesitancy and general distrust of our pu...