woman walking in snow storm
The vicious cycle of extreme weather and biomass burning
There is a downward spiral of extreme weather and pollution from wildfires, domestic heating and energy production in the New York and New Jersey area, according to a new study by CUNY SPH Professors Ilias Kavouras and Glen Johnson and 2022 DPH gradu...
man looking at a wall of soft drinks
Perspective: Responding to Food Industry Initiatives to Be “Part of the Solution”
In response to growing concerns about chronic diseases, food insecurity, low-wage food labor, and global warming, the food industry has developed new strategies to respond to its critics and pursue its business and political goals. In a commentary ...
child being held by his mother while he receives a vaccine
Support for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in schools modest among NYC parents
School-based vaccine mandates are the most effective way to improve vaccination coverage in children, but a new study by CUNY SPH researchers shows only modest support among New York City parents for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in schools. For the s...