HelpDesk Performance

The IT department tracks helpdesk performance for various categories of student / employee reported issues. This data is used to generate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that we publish to be able to provide ETAs for issue resolution.

In order to provide optimal support to all stakeholders, all issue reporting and IT requests must be received by the Help Desk. The Help Desk will provide all faculty, staff, and students support with the following:

  • Troubleshooting + break fix for issues on CUNY issued computers
  • Software installations and updates
  • Support for Printing services
  • Support for Communication technologies (Email, Phone, etc)
  • Support for A/V and Classroom technologies at SPH
  • Support for CUNYfirst and CUNY portal
  • Support and Training for the SPH Intranet (SharePoint)
  • Assistance with requirements determinations and specification definitions for software and hardware procurement
  • Software training

Issues and requests are triaged within 2 hrs of submission during normal hours of operation.

Emergencies will be addressed ASAP. Emergency situations include:

  • Loss of internet connectivity on CUNY issued computers
  • System crashes on CUNY issued equipment (computers, printers, phones, etc)
  • Loss of connectivity with Email / CUNYfirst / CUNYportal

All requests are prioritized and split into Student and Faculty/Staff queues.

Prioritization Criteria:

  1. Threat to data integrity or computer security
  2. Number of people affected
  3. Effect on business mission
  4. Deadlines
  5. Estimated solution time
  6. Application involved
  7. Frequency of problem
  8. Customer’s sense of priority
  9. Availability of workarounds

The following criteria will be used internally to prioritize tickets:

Severity Level Definition Response Time

High-impact problem causing work stoppage

  • Loss of internet connectivity
  • System crash
  • Loss of connectivity with E-mail/CUNYfirst/CUNYportal
  • Data Center malfunction

High-impact or time-sensitive problem where work is impaired

  • Issues affecting business functions with immediate student impact (e.g. Registrar, Bursar, Fin. Aid, Library) or faculty/staff impact (e.g. exams, grant application deadline)


2-4 hours

High-impact problem where work is impaired

  • Issues affecting business functions without immediate student, faculty or staff impact (e.g. HR, Financials)


1 business day

Student reported issues that impact productivity

  • Password reset requests for SPH Domain accounts
  • Issues with CUNY Virtual Desktop


2 business days
Faculty/Staff – high priority

Faculty / Staff reported issues that impact current productivity

  • Software Updates
  • Break fix for software / hardware
  • Phone service failures


5 business days
Faculty/Staff – general

All other student, faculty / staff reported issues

  • Software installation
  • Procurement
  • Informational
Based on current help desk load, in order reported

The IT help desk will generate monthly reports containing information on actual performance achieved, compared to SLA goals.

Any concerns related to Help Desk performance should be reported to the Help Desk Manager: Mohit Arora (