Payment Requests

The Research Foundation (RF) payment request system allows Principal Investigators (PIs) and authorized users to charge non-personnel direct costs to a sponsored project. The system allows users to submit reimbursement requests, purchase orders, and invoices from independent contractors and subrecipients.


The following conditions must be met to initiate a payment request:

  • An RF project account must be set up and active;
  • Sufficient funding should be available for the required expense;
  • The cost charged to a sponsored project must be allowable, allocable, reasonable, and consistent. For further information on the suitability of costs, please refer to the cost principles section of the Federal Code of Regulations; and
  • Appropriate supporting documentation must be available. The required documentation will vary depending on the nature of the request (see below).

The RF provides further guidance on initiating procurement transactions here.

How to Create a Payment Request

Submission of payment requests are via the RF payment request system.

The PI or authorized user will create a regular payment request for a request unrelated to the payment of an independent contractor or subaward.

To create a regular payment request, you will need the follow these steps:

  • Select payee: If the vendor is already in the RF system, you can select it from the drop-down menu. Select “enter new vendor” and enter the required information if this is a new vendor.
  • Enter the invoice number/payment reference, invoice/payment reference date, payment amount, and original invoice amount.
  • Input the RF project account number along with the expense and recovery codes.
    If there is an RF-issued PO (Purchase Order) number, it must be entered in the purchase order other encumbered transaction section.
    Upload the appropriate supporting documents.

If you have any doubts regarding this process, please refer to the payment request user manual or contact your grants officer.

To submit an invoice from an independent contractor or subrecipient, the PI or authorized user will follow the steps listed above; however, a contract manager payment request must be created in the RF payment request system.

Please remember the following when preparing a contract manager payment request:

  • The contract (MoU, ICA, or sub-agreement) will not be listed before the performance period start date.
  • An invoice can only be submitted for payment once a fully executed contract with the vendor exists.
  • All invoices must be dated and signed by the contractor.
    If a contract is being amended, a payment request can’t be submitted until the amendment is fully processed.The PI will need to approve the payment request, which will then go to the RF procurement team for review and approval.

Document to Upload with Payment Requests

Regular payment request

Below is the list of documents to upload for specific payment requests.

  • Honorarium
    • A copy of the event agenda, including the payee’s participation;
      A letter thanking the payee for participating in the event and indicating the amount to be paid to the payee;
    • A copy of the payee’s W-9; and
    • A completed ACH payment authorization form with a voided check or bank statement.
  • Reimbursement of travel costs
    • Travel justification;
    • Approval from RF account holder.
    • Itemized receipts per travel expense;
    • A completed ACH payment authorization form with a voided check or bank statement.
  • Scholarship
    • A letter of award from the Dean or Department Chair to the scholarship recipient;
    • Proof that the recipient is a student at the school;
    • A copy of the payee’s W-9; and
    • A completed ACH payment authorization form with a voided check or bank statement.

For payments related to a purchase order (PO), a PO request must be submitted beforehand. For details on how to request a purchase order, please contact your GO.

Contract Manager Payment request

  • Payment to an independent contractor
  • Payment to a sub-recipient
    • A dated invoice describing the work performed and the cost to be paid.
    • For subrecipients outside of the United States, the following items will also be required:
    • Letter from the bank certifying the bank account information
    • Foreign source income certification

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