Thank you to the CUNY Recovery Corps

The CUNY Recovery Corps, a partnership between CUNY SPH, NYC Health + Hospitals and the NYC Test & Treat Corps (formerly Test & Trace), connects New Yorkers affected by COVID to resources that can aid their recovery.

Since June 2020, the CUNY Recovery Corps has reached 374,000 New Yorkers affected by COVID and connected 111,721 individuals to resources including health, social, financial services, and other support. The CUNY program is sunsetting with the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency for COVID-19. However, New Yorkers looking for Long COVID resources can still call (212) 268 – 4319 and press 4 to receive assistance from H+H or visit NYC Health + Hospitals Aftercare website.

woman speaking to doctor

Our Mission

To support New Yorkers with long COVID by ensuring they have the resources to care for themselves and manage their long-term symptoms.

Our History

Our program launched in June 2020 during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focused initially on resource navigation, our program mobilized and empowered CUNY students and alums to assist in the COVID-19 emergency response by supporting New Yorkers throughout their infection and recovery from COVID-19 with health and social support resources.

As the pandemic continued and the emergence of Long COVID, the CUNY Recovery Corps transitioned its focus to AfterCare – providing resources and support to New Yorkers suffering from Long COVID symptoms and other conditions. Beginning in 2021, we began outreach to New Yorkers who previously tested positive for COVID-19 to inquire about their recovery and connect them to the health and social support resources needed to lessen the strain of their ongoing recovery.

Meet our Team

Our diverse group of AfterCare Navigators, Supervisors, and Administrative Team is primarily composed of CUNY-affiliated students, alums, and staff who:

  • Are fluent in over ten languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Bengali, and Haitian Creole.
  • Comes from neighborhoods in all five boroughs, including those hit hardest by COVID.
  • Have been here to support all New Yorkers days, nights, and weekends for nearly three years.

The CUNY Recovery Corps Administrative Team

Srividhya Sharma
Tierra Stephenson
Carmen Rios
Aliyah Gayle

The CUNY Recovery Corps Supervisors

Andreia Da Silva
Candice Burton
Carmen Rios
David Choi
Eric Ramirez
Jacqueline Ryder
Kristen Csaby
Letice Cox
Sanika Williams
Savita Sharma
Yvonne Sidaoui

*The CUNY Recovery Corps Navigators

Andrea Ferguson
Khaliah Williams
Saad Malik
Khizra Nadeem
Emily Berger
Sayamatun Nayeem
Dania Caraballo
Kim Schulman
Ghazal Khaqan
Vernel Jacob
Stephane Labossiere
Teddy Ginorio
Munira Pulodi
Ahmet Erkan
Jakotte Denis
Silvia Paolini
Rosern Singleton
Stephanie Sanchez
Sanika Williams
Lizbeth Rossi
Paola Rendon
Ashley Moreno
Afroza Ali
Rafia Khalid
Devjani Paul
Lluvia Gomez
Saimoon Akter
Dania Caraballo
Paola Rendon
Jessica Walker
Tyrik Gibbs
Michael Villanova
Syreeta Rochester
Elizabeth Sanchez
Farida M Mutawakil
Jessica Walker

*As of May 2023, not all navigators chose to be listed.

For more information about the CUNY Recovery Corps, contact Principal Investigator Dr. Danielle Greene, Executive Director for State and Local Public Health Initiatives.