Project Account Set Up

This procedure aims to define the steps necessary to set up a project account at the Research Foundation.

Project Account Set Up

A project account setup is the process through which sponsored projects have financial accounts created within the Research Foundation financial system. This step is initiated upon executing of a contract and is necessary to begin spending against the project.

Account Set Up for Sponsored Projects

Requests to establish a project account can come from a Grants Officer (GO) at SPaR or the Program Administrator (PA) at the RF. The initiator will depend on who first receives the notice of award or letter of agreement. Nevertheless, the PA at the RF will create the account. To set up a project account, the PA will need the following documents:

  • Letter/notice of award;
  • Completed account establishment form, including the list of individuals who will need to have access to the account;
  • Final proposal;
  • Final budget; and
  • IRB letter.

The GO will work with the Principal Investigator (PI) and/or the PA to gather these and send the packet to the PA at the RF. Exceptionally, an account will be created prior to the execution of an agreement. Please reach out to your GO to find out when this option is possible.

Account Set Up for Non-Sponsored Projects

In some cases, account creation will be requested for non-sponsored funds. To create an account for funds not derived from sponsored-program funding (for CUNY’s non-profit organizations such as foundations and associations), the following items will be necessary:

  • Completed and signed Grant Award Agreement;
  • Completed account establishment form; and
  • Budget.

For funds derived from CUNY Misc/Various Private Sponsors’ Project, it is necessary to complete a funds identification form.

For more information on this process, please visit this page and do not hesitate to contact your GO if you have any questions.