SPaR Grant/Contract Transmittal Form

What is the grant/contract transmittal form?

The grant/contract transmittal form is an internal document that highlights key features of a grant application. This document provides the information necessary to support SPaR’s research compliance and research administration processes.

Who completes the grant/contract transmittal form and when?

As part of her kick-off email, the Grants Officer assigned to the grant application sends the grant/contract transmittal form to the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) as one of the attachments. At that point, the form is pre-populated based on the information available to the Grants Officer. The Principal Investigator/Project Director is required to complete the form and send it back to the Grants Officer, who in turn shares it with the PI’s Department Chair for signature.

The PI/PD must complete and sign the grant/contract transmittal form before the submission of the grant application. All proposals or bids for contracts must receive institutional approvals and SPaR approval before submission to the agency.

Where can a PI/PD find the grant/contract transmittal form?

As indicated above, the Grants Officer assigned to a grant application will share a pre-populated version of the grant/contract transmittal form with the PI/PD in the early stage of the grant development process. However, a PI/PD can access this form on this page.