Forward Funding

Forward funding is the process through which the Research Foundation (RF) covers sponsored project salaries and fringe-related expenses before receiving funds from the project sponsor. Forward funding is typically utilized when the issuance of a notice of award is delayed or for deliverable-based projects.


Forward funding facilitates college-sponsored research and training programs by minimizing the disruption of project activities due to delayed sponsor funding.

Eligibility Requirements

The RF forward funding policy applies to:

  • Fully executed grants and contracts; and
  • Awarded grants, contracts, and renewals with a known start date and budget but are not yet executed.

Please contact your Grants Officer (GO) at SPaR for questions regarding these eligibility requirements.

How to Request Forward Funding

The first step requires setting up the account and determining if eligible for forward funding.

Next, the project team will communicate the requested amount of forward financing to the project GO. The project team also needs to provide a date when the project will return the funds to the RF.

The GO will, in turn, complete the forward funding request form available here and will send it to the RF Project Administrator (PA) for processing.


Forward funding can only be used to cover RF employees’ personnel costs. The following expenses cannot be covered using forward funding:

  • Released time
  • Summer salary
  • Subcontracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • OTPS
  • Indirect costs

All expired accounts with outstanding forward funding balances will be cleared by charging the college’s Facilities and Administrative Recovery account or another discretionary college account. This will occur within 30 days of the project’s end date.