Carryover Request

NIH defines carryover as the process through which unobligated funds remaining at the end of the budget period may be carried over to the next budget period. The carryover of funds enables grantees to use unexpended prior-year grant funds in the current budget period. This policy applies to prime and sub-awards.

What to Know

When submitting a carryover request, remember the following:

  • The unobligated balance for the applicable budget year must be determined by your Project Administrator (PA) at the Research Foundation (RF) and confirmed by your Grants Officer (GO).
  • Carryover requests should typically be submitted at least 90 days before the end of the budget year.
  • Carryover funds are intended to cover only prospective costs, not costs already incurred by the recipient.

How to Prepare and Submit a Carryover Request

Carryover of unexpended funds may or may not require prior approval from the sponsor. Check the notice of award (NoA), letter of agreement (LoA), or sub-agreement for this information, and contact your GO if you have any questions.

In the event prior approval is required, you will need the following items:

  • Amount of funds to be carried over – Please get this information from your GO.
  • An explanation for the unobligated funds
  • Plan for expenditure
  • Detailed budget

Your GO will assist with the development of the budget and will email the request to the sponsor or will upload the required information electronically using the sponsor’s electronic system.

The submission process varies from sponsor to sponsor, and your GO can advise on the submission method.

If carryover is automatic, the funds will be carried over to the next budget period once the new budget period is fully set up in the RF system. The PA at the RF will request a budget for the carryover. Please contact your GO for assistance with the development of the budget.