Timesheet Submission and Approval

Charges to awards must be made based on records that accurately reflect the work performed. Timesheets electronically record the hours a Research Foundation (RF) employee works or charges to a specific leave type (annual leave, sick leave, etc.) during a biweekly pay period.

The purpose of this procedure is to summarize the submission and approval process of timesheets for RF employees.


On a biweekly basis, RF employees are responsible for submitting their timesheets via the RF’s time and leave system. Timesheets must correctly reflect the time worked and any leave taken.

Principal Investigators (PIs), Project Directors (PDs), or their Authorized Approvers (AAs) are responsible for reviewing and approving timesheets of employees by each pay period deadline.

The RF payroll calendar is available here for your easy reference.

If PIs/PDs/AAs cannot approve their employees’ timesheet(s), they should inform their Grants Officers as soon as possible.

PIs/PDs are also responsible for keeping track of accrued annual leave for all employees on their grant(s) and making arrangements with employees to use accrued annual leave.

Timesheet Submission Procedure

RF Employees should create their own timesheets and submit them for approval by following the below steps:

  • Login to https://www.rfcuny.org/RFWebsite/
  • E-services menus: Hover over Electronic Tools
  • Scroll down and click on Time and Leave/Payroll Administration
  • Select the corresponding pay period, and update the hours worked if needed.
  • Click on the preview timesheet.
  • Click on save & submit.

Retroactive Timesheets

The current pay period and up to 4 retroactive pay periods will be available for entry and approval via the electronic time and leave system.

Submission of timesheets for periods prior to the 4 available retroactive pay periods must be submitted via a paper Retroactive Payment Timesheet, signed by the employee and PI/PD.

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