COVID-19 Tracking Survey – 2020-2021

Researchers from the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) and Emerson College are collaborating on an ongoing COVID-19 Tracking Survey to assess how New Yorkers are responding to the pandemic.

NYC during the pandemic

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The survey monitors:

  • Risk perception of contracting COVID-19 and compliance with social distancing recommendations
  • Outcomes related to job loss, housing, and food insecurity
  • Mental health responses, including concerns about family and loved ones
  • Outcomes related to potential interruptions in education
  • Current sources of COVID-19 related health information and trust in information sources and institutions
  • Perception of and satisfaction with the response of local and national government

The COVID-19 Tracking Survey is designed by CUNY SPH in collaboration with the Journal of Health Communication, a peer-reviewed publication edited by CUNY SPH Distinguished Lecturer Scott Ratzan, MD. Professor Spencer Kimball of Emerson Polling is providing technical consultation and conducting this survey with a representative sample of over 1000 New York adults via phone and online.

Data emerging from the survey provides regular snapshots of the pandemic’s impact on the lives of New Yorkers, and is intended to provide policymakers, health professionals, business and community leaders, and the public with a gauge on the adoption of preventive behaviors, and which communication strategies can help individuals and communities prevent the spread of COVID-19.

CUNY Advisory Team:
Ayman El-Mohandes, MPH, MD, MSc, MBBCh
Bruce Y. Lee, MBA, MD
Denis Nash, PhD, MPH
Chris Palmedo, PhD, MBA, MA
Ashish Joshi, PhD, MPH, MBBS
Nick Freudenberg, DrPH, MPH
Victoria Ngo, PhD, MS

Survey Development and Review Team:
Scott C. Ratzan, MD, MPA, CUNY SPH
Spencer Kimball, MA, MS, JD, Emerson College
Kenneth Rabin, PhD, CUNY SPH
Lauren Rauh, CUNY SPH

Ruth M. Parker, MD, Emory University
Claire Wardle, PhD, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY