Funding Resources

One of the most important steps in building a successful research career is learning to identify potential funding opportunities. To support CUNY SPH researchers in this effort, a list of resources and key information about funding opportunities are presented below.

Please contact us with any questions regarding funding resources or if you would like to schedule an appointment to conduct a funding search based on your research interests.

For Graduate Students

Funding resources aimed specifically at graduate students.


Federal Agencies

Research supported by the Department of Defense, Justice, or Energy

Department of Defense

In 1992 Congress appropriated money to create the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to foster novel approaches to biomedical research in response to the expressed needs of its stakeholder: the American public, the military, and Congress.

Funding announcements and applications can be found at

Department of Justice

There are additional requirements for protocols involving research supported by the Department of Justice, including the Bureau of Prisons. See NIH’s statement on Research Involving Vulnerable Populations. Even if your funding isn’t coming from the National Institutes of Health it is a useful website to review.

Each award from the National Institute of Justice/DOJ that involves data collection includes a special condition requiring the data to be deposited in a public archive at the conclusion of the project. Items that must be deposited include de-identified data and documentation, a data archiving plan, an IRB-approved protocol, a privacy certificate, human subject consent form(s), and journal articles emanating from the research as well as a data submission checklist. Guidelines for quantitative data, geospatial data and qualitative data as well as the checklist are available at the above website.

For research conducted with the Bureau of Prisons there is a detailed research statement that the researcher must sign, outlining the researcher’s responsibilities.

Department of Energy

The DOE has additional requirements related to maintaining confidentiality of personally identifiable information as described in DOE Order 443/1B Chg 1, Protection of Human Subjects. This includes a requirement to report to the IRB and that the IRB report within 48 hours, to DOE

  • Any significant adverse events, unanticipated problems, and complaints about the research.
  • Any non-compliance with human subjects’ protection procedures or other requirements.

The IRB should also immediately report any suspension or termination of IRB approval, as well as any finding of a suspected or confirmed breach involving personally identifiable information in print or electronic form.

Additional special requirements can be found at the DOE website: