Subaward Request and Management

The Department of Health & Human Services defines a subaward as “an award provided by a pass-through entity to a subrecipient for the subrecipient to carry out part of the award received by the pass-through entity.”

Subawards do not include agreements with independent contractors or unfunded collaborators. If you need clarification on whether the partner you want to engage is a subrecipient or a contractor, please refer to the decision tree available on the Research Foundation (RF) website.

As per the policy on subaward package preparation, the partner should be identified as a subrecipient or independent contractor during the proposal development phase.

Requirements to Issue a Sub-Agreement

The following conditions must be met to request a sub-agreement:

  • A contract or agreement for the project was fully executed.
  • If there were no subrecipient identified at the time of the initial application for funding, written approval must be obtained from the sponsor.
  • The approved project budget has sufficient funding in the subaward budget line.

Please contact your Grants Officer (GO) for any questions regarding the above requirements

How to Request a Sub-Agreement

The principal investigator (PI) or authorized administrator (AA) will prepare a subaward request in the RF Contract Manager system that is accessible through the RF homepage.

The following items will be required to process the request.

  • Scope of work
  • Budget
  • Subrecipient commitment form
  • Notice of award with the name of the subaward listed or sponsor’s written approval to engage the sub-recipient.

If you encounter any difficulty preparing the subaward request, please do not hesitate to contact the GO assigned to the project.

Once completed, the request will go to the GO for review and approval, who will forward it to the RF legal team for final review and execution. The sub-agreement will be fully executed once both parties have signed.

Managing Sub-Awards

Once the sub-agreement is fully executed, the PI is responsible for monitoring the activities of subrecipients and ensuring the achievement of performance goals and that the utilization of awarded funds is for authorized purposes.

The PI or AA will review all subrecipient invoices and crosscheck them against the completed deliverables and subaward budget. Unless the work has been completed, the subrecipient should receive no payment. The PI is responsible for approving the subrecipient’s invoices.

To pay for a subaward, please choose the “contract manager payment request” option.

Please refer to the payment request policy for further information on this.

A subaward can be amended with the consent of both parties. Send the information describing the change in the amendment to the GO for review and approval. Do not resubmit all the documents to amend the existing subaward.

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