CONVINCEsm (COVID-19 New Vaccine Information, Communication, and Engagement) is a global initiative to promote vaccine literacy generally, and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines in particular. Its mission is to encourage sufficient global vaccine acceptance to achieve the level of population immunity needed to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

The product of a series of global dialogues over the course of the pandemic with CUNY SPH, the Vaccine Confidence project at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and Wilton Park, an agency of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, the CONVINCE initiative was established to coordinate and foster collaboration among existing networks, partnerships, and activities that support vaccine literacy efforts worldwide.

  • Steering Committee: The three co-founders of CONVINCE continue to coordinate the formation of the new workstreams and regional or sectoral CONVINCE groups.  The committee includes Scott Ratzan, MD, Distinguished Lecturer at CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy, Heidi Larson, Professor and Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project and at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Nancy Lee, Programme Director for Global Health and Health Policy at Wilton Park, an agency of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.
  • Secretariat: The Secretariat includes program managers who are responsible for coordinating the coalition, supporting workstream activities, and implementing communications across the CONVINCE Initiative. The Secretariat is also responsible for managing proactive two-way communications between the CONVINCE Initiative and counterparts such as the ACT-A partners, including WHO, GAVI, and CEPI.
  • Advisory Group: The role of these senior experts in Public Health is to guide and help shape the work of CONVINCE Initiative. The Advisory Group includes of all CONVINCE workstream leaders, and senior representatives from ACT-A (WHO, CEPI, GAVI, IFPMA).
  • Scientific and Health Communications Advisory Group: This group of global and national leaders in public and private sector, scientific and health communications will provide quality assurance for the accuracy and consistency of scientific and health promotion content of materials produced by CONVINCE programs.
  • Workstreams: At present, CONVINCE has five separate workstream groups: Healthcare Workforce; Community Engagement; Technology; Media & Social Media; and Private Sector (known as Business Partners to CONVINCE). Each workstream group has a minimum of two co-leads and draws its membership from a range of geographical regions, institutions and organizations.

The CONVINCE USAsm Initiative at CUNY SPH

CUNY SPH will be home to CONVINCE USAsm, coordinating research and communication strategy development for United States audiences. Working at the national, state and local level, across the public, private and NGO sectors, CONVINCE USA will include both independent and collaborative programs to create support for COVID-19 immunization and the science behind it.

Learn more about CONVINCE USA partners and programs.