Late Payments and Unresolved Balances

Late Payment Fee and Penalties

Students are required to make payment in accordance with the scheduled payment deadline. Until all balances are settled in full, Bursar holds will be placed on the student’s account in accordance with University policy.

Past Due Accounts

Balances that remain unpaid through the late add period are considered “past due”

  • A negative Bursar service indicator (BUR) will be placed on your account. This will prevent students from registering for a future term and receiving their diploma or other college documentation.
  • The account is also assessed a $15 late payment fee.
  • If full payment is submitted after a hold has been placed on your account, it would take approximately 3 to 5 business days for the hold to be lifted until funds have cleared.

Past Due Payment Plan (PDPP) via Nelnet

Pay your past due balance(s) by enrolling in either a 6 or 9-month (interest-free) installment payment plan. Students must be pre-qualified to enroll.

Enrollment Period

Rolling enrollments allows stopped-out students to enroll in any month.

PDPP # of Monthly Payments

Durations are 6 and 9 monthly payments

Enrollment Cost

$30 for 6-month plan

$50 for 9-month plan

Number of Plans

Students enrolled in the PDPP plan cannot be enrolled simultaneously in the regular Semester Payment Plan. Stopped out students are not term activated, thus cannot register in classes, or enroll in the Semester Payment Plan.


Stopped out students cannot register for courses until all balances are paid in full via the Past Due Payment Plan and all bursar holds are released.

To enroll, first disable pop-up blockers, log on to CUNYfirst > Student Center, under Financial Account select the institution and click on the left-hand side menu Payment Plan. You will be re-directed to the QuikPay site for CUNY. Select the Payment Plan tab. Eligibility is based on pre-qualification via the Bursar’s Office.

For additional help, please call Nelnet at 888.470.6014 or email the Bursar’s Office at


Balances that remain unpaid after the last day of the term are considered to be in pre-collections. A BIH hold (In-house Collections) will be placed on your account.

Collection deadlines are set approximately six months from the end of the term. Any remaining balance in pre-collections is at risk of being transferred to a collections agency by the collections deadline.

Collection Agencies

If bills remain unpaid for more than one term, the College reserves the right to forward a student’s account to a Collection Agency. Once an account is referred to a Collection Agency, the student will be responsible for all collection costs plus what is owed to the College. In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against a student’s account may be reported to a credit bureau and subsequently reflected on a student’s credit reports.

Balances that are transferred to a collection agency can no longer be paid to CUNY School of Public Health and must be paid in full with the collection agency to have the collections hold removed.

Please review the “My Holds” section on the Student Center page of your CUNYfirst account to determine the appropriate collection agency to contact.

Collection Agency Service Indicators

  • BHV: In Collection with CBHV.

Your balance has been transferred to Collection Bureau Hudson Valley (CBHV). For questions about your account, making a payment, or a communication you received from CBHV contact 877-576-0700 or via email at  To make a payment online, visit the following link:

  • BTS: In Collection with TSI.

Your balance has been transferred to TSI. For questions about your account, making a payment, or a communication you received from TSI contact 800-377-1904 or 844-743-1302. To make a payment online, please visit the following link:

Be aware that payments submitted to CBHV or TSI may take 3 to 5 business days to be successfully processed. Any collections-related holds can only be lifted once the full payment has been successfully processed and confirmed by the collection agency directly with CUNY SPH.