Open Society Institute grant will fund Population Health Informatics Education Hub

Dec. 15, 2021
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The Open Society Institute has awarded CUNY SPH a one year, $336,172 grant to train public health students in regional population health informatics techniques.

Ashish Joshi headshot vertical
Professor Ashish Joshi

Through this grant, Professor Ashish Joshi and colleagues will develop an innovative, first-of-its-kind, Regional Population Health Informatics Education Hub to prepare the public health workforce with skills essential to address the complex public health challenges of the 21st century.

Individuals trained will use principles of population health informatics to design, develop, implement, and evaluate human centered technology enabled interventions and innovations using community data at grassroots level to guide informed decision-making.

Students will apply principles of population health informatics learning towards community data to enhance health and well-being of individuals, populations, and communities they live in and create a regional network of experts in the field ready to respond as a team to the next public health challenge.

“This project has tremendous potential to create a new cohort of public health experts in the field,” says Dr. Joshi. “We expect most students will already be involved in public health careers and as such it promises to broaden their expertise and bolster their efficacy as leaders in the field.”

Dr. Joshi’s combined training in medicine, public health, and informatics provides a unique opportunity to innovatively utilize technology-enabled interventions at the intersection of clinical care and population health. He continues to pursue his career as an applied researcher, mentor, administrator, innovator and an entrepreneur and designs, develop, implement, and evaluate SMAART interventions to address population health challenges of the 21st century.