EPA grant will support ambient air monitoring in underserved neighborhoods

Oct. 24, 2023
city skyline on smoggy day

Associate Professor Brian Pavilonis and team were awarded nearly $500,000 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor air pollutants in New York State communities with environmental and health outcome disparities stemming from air pollution exposure.

This three-year project seeks to improve air quality and public health across these neighborhoods by establishing a community-driven network platform to enhance the understanding of sustainable outdoor and indoor air quality.

The $499,939 grant will allow Pavilonis and colleagues from the University at Albany and its Atmospheric Sciences Research Center to support community and local efforts to monitor their own air quality and promote air quality monitoring partnerships between communities and tribal, state and local governments.

The findings will support policy makers in developing appropriate management initiatives to improve air quality at underserved communities.

“Air pollution has been implicated in the development of many chronic diseases and disproportionately affects marginalized communities,” says Pavilonis. “This grant will help us better understand air pollution across New York State, with an emphasis on communities that have been previously underserved. I am happy to be part of this talented team.”