Strategic Plan

CUNY SPH Strategic Framework

View the CUNY SPH Strategic Framework for 2021-2025.

CUNY SPH Strategic Planning Process

CUNY SPH launched its strategic planning process in Fall 2019, intended to examine the current environment in which the school seeks to achieve its mission and goals, build on the substantial progress made since its consolidation in 2016, and determine long-term direction through short-term outcomes.

To launch the process, a group of senior academic and administrative leaders, including department chairs, directors and deputy directors of the school’s centers and institutes, the chair of the Faculty-Student Council, deans, and senior staff, will meet to brainstorm and ultimately recommend guiding principles for the framework. Next, a Strategic Planning Committee comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives will be charged to further develop the framework through broad consultation with the entire SPH community, an online survey, and focus groups. Finally, those responsible for each area within the framework will determine specific, measurable action plans to guide the framework’s implementation.

Principles Guiding Strategic Planning Framework

  • Promoting diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Enhancing academic excellence and areas of innovation
  • Developing public service and partnerships with the local Harlem community
  • Exploring new models for the school’s economic and financial sustainability
  • Continuing to build on existing global partnerships and collaborations


Mohit Arora
Director of Technology

Adam Doyno
Director of Development

Karen Florez
Assistant Professor, EOGHS, Deputy Director, CSCD

Molly Ghosh

Heidi Jones
Associate Professor, EPI/BIO

Deborah Levine
Director, Harlem Health Initiative

Pavan Lohia
President, GSGA

Pedro Mateu-Gelabert
Associate Professor, CHASS

Matthew Paczkowski
Academic Student Support Program Specialist

Ghada Soliman
Associate Professor, EOGHS

Emma Tsui
Associate Professor, CHASS

Craig Willingham
Deputy Director, Food Policy Institute

Naomi Zewde
Assistant Professor, HPAM

Joshua Mintz
CHP Mintz, Consultant and leader of the process

Doris Suarez
Chief of Staff

Project Coordinators

  • Joshua Mintz, Consultant, CHP Mintz
  • Doris Suarez, Chief of Staff, Dean’s Office

Goal Coordinators

  • Karen Florez, Assistant Professor, EOGHS; Deputy Director, CSCD
  • Robyn Gertner, Director of Academic Affairs
  • Sahana Gupta, Executive Chief Diversity Officer
  • Sean Haley, Assistant Professor, HPAM
  • Terry Huang, Professor & Department Chairperson, HPAM; Director, CSCD
  • Michele Kiely, Associate Dean for Research
  • Susan Klitzman, Senior Associate Dean for Administration
  • Deborah Levine, Harlem Health Initiative Community Outreach Program Director
  • Hannah Stuart Lathan, Director of Experiential Learning and Career Services
  • Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Associate Professor, CHASS
  • Lynn Roberts, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni Relations

Outcome Leads

  • Sherry Adams, Student Wellness Counselor
  • Mohit Arora, Director of Technology
  • Marilyn Auerbach, Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Louie Cao, Facilities Manager
  • Sumana Chandra, Director of Communications and College Relations
  • Nevin Cohen, Associate Professor, HPAM; Research Director, CUNY UFPI
  • Sergio Costa, Director of Online Learning
  • Ariana Costakes, Communications Editorial Manager
  • Kathleen Cravero, Distinguished Lecturer, HPAM; Co-Director, CIRGH
  • Adam Doyno, Director of Development
  • Betsy Eastwood, Associate Professor, HPAM
  • William Ebertz, IT Assistant
  • Ann Gaba, Assistant Professor, EOGHS; Director, Nutrition & Dietetic Internship
  • Nick Freudenberg, Distinguished Professor, CHASS; Director, CUNY UFPI
  • Molly Ghosh, Senior Registrar
  • Christian Grov, Professor & Department Chairperson, CHASS
  • Glen Johnson, Associate Professor, EOGHS; Chair, SPH Governance Council
  • Elizabeth Kelvin, Associate Professor & Chairperson, EPI/BIOS
  • Meg Krudysz, Director of Admission
  • Arthur McHugh, Director of Human Resources
  • Meredith Manze, Assistant Professor, CHASS
  • Denis Nash, Distinguished Professor, EPI/BIOS; Executive Director, CUNY ISPH
  • Vicky Ngo, Associate Professor, CHASS; Director CIMH
  • Matthew Paczkowski, Academic Student Support Program Specialist
  • Christopher Palmedo, Clinical Professor, CHASS
  • Brian Pavilonis, Assistant Professor, EOGHS
  • Ghada Soliman, Associate Professor, EOGHS
  • Patricia Stein, Executive Counsel & Labor Designee
  • Emma Tsui, Associate Professor, CHASS
  • Craig Willingham, Deputy Director, CUNY UFPI
  • Levi Waldron, Associate Professor, EPI/BIOS