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CUNY SPH Strategic Framework

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CUNY SPH Strategic Planning Process

CUNY SPH launched a strategic planning process in the fall of 2019 that is expected to conclude in June 2020. The strategic plan will explore the current environment for the school’s work and also build on the substantial progress made in its 2016-18 strategic plan (which focused on expanding and creating a wide-variety of activities and services to promote student success).

To launch the process, a group of senior academic and administrative leaders, including department chairs, directors and deputy directors of the school’s centers and institutes, the chair of the Faculty-Student Council, deans, and senior staff, met in the fall of 2019 to brainstorm and suggest guiding principles for the framework. These principles include promoting diversity, inclusion and equity; enhancing academic excellence and areas of innovation; developing public service and partnerships with the local Harlem community; exploring new models for the school’s economic and financial sustainability; and continuing to build on existing global partnerships and collaborations. In December, a Strategic Planning Committee comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives was appointed. The Committee will provide leadership for the strategic planning effort, developing, through broad consultation with the entire SPH community (all students, faculty and staff, as well as the Dean’s Advisory Council for SPH), a new strategic framework for CUNY SPH that may include some of the guiding principles suggested by the school’s leaders. The draft framework and strategic plan priorities will be developed at the Committee’s first meeting in January 2020. Community input will then be sought through an online survey—which will allow opportunity for individual comments, suggestions and ideas— and through focus groups, and other outreach from February through April. Specific, measurable action plans to guide the framework’s implementation will be developed from April-June.

We anticipate rolling out the plan beginning in July 2020. The end goal is to have a strategic framework that will provide long-term direction for the school and define its unique identity, while, at the same time, provide flexibility in terms of how the school advances these goals in the short-term. The framework will include 2- to 3-year outcomes that will translate the long-term goals into shorter-term results and action plans that can guide the school over the next few years.


CUNY SPH Strategic Planning Committee

Mohit Arora
Director of Technology

Adam Doyno
Director of Development

Karen Florez
Assistant Professor, EOGHS, Deputy Director, CSCD

Molly Ghosh

Heidi Jones
Associate Professor, EPI/BIO

Deborah Levine
Director, Harlem Health Initiative

Pavan Lohia
President, GSGA

Pedro Mateu-Gelabert
Associate Professor, CHASS

Matthew Paczkowski
Academic Student Support Program Specialist

Ghada Soliman
Associate Professor, EOGHS

Emma Tsui
Associate Professor, CHASS

Craig Willingham
Deputy Director, Food Policy Institute

Naomi Zewde
Assistant Professor, HPAM


Staff to Strategic Planning Committee

Joshua Mintz
CHP Mintz, Consultant and leader of the process

Doris Suarez
Chief of Staff