Creating a Course Copy (for Faculty)

Aug. 23, 2021

To create a course copy in Blackboard, you must be enrolled as an instructor in both the originating and destination courses.

If you are not an instructor in both courses, send us an email for assistance with completing the course copy. We will need the Course ID for both courses. This can be found on the left hand side below your course sections. Click on “Content Collection” and copy the full course ID that begins with SPH01_. If you do not have access to this course ID, you can send us the Name, Section, Semester/Year and Instructor Name of the course you want to copy, and we can assist you. 

If you do have access to both courses (as an instructor), you can use the tutorial below for help with completing the course copy on your own.

Quick Guide Instructions:
1. In the old course that you want to copy FROM, navigate to Course Management- Packages and Utilities – Course Copy (on the left hand side menu).
2. Under Select Copy Type, use the drop down to choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
3. Then enter the destination course under Course ID. (See the video above for details on how to find destination Course ID)
4. Scroll down to Select Copy Options. It is recommended to Select All and then uncheck Announcements. Under discussion board, don’t forget to change the button to select Include only the forums, with no starter posts.
5. Scroll down further under File Attachments and select
6. Select Submit. Your new course will populate the items within a few minutes and you should get an email to confirm this process was complete.  
Please note that due dates from an old course are carried over to the course copy. To adjust due dates on your new course the easy way, follow these instructions
Important Note: Course copies cannot be undone. If you wish to remove certain elements of a course that has been copied over, you will have to do so manually by deleting sections. Make sure to only copy over a course once to avoid duplicates. 

Alternatively, to copy just one page, item, folder or section of your course to another course, go to the originating content you wish to copy over. While in Edit Mode, click on the down arrow next to that element and select Copy.

On the next page, you will specify the destination course and folder for where you want that content to appear. When you’re done, select Submit on the bottom right.


A note on copying over Tests/Quizzes:

Ideally, Quizzes or Tests should be copied over using the course copy tool, and if you do a full course copy (as in the video above) your quizzes/tests should be deployed correctly.
If you want to move over all the assessments from a course (and only the assessments, nothing else), use the course copy tool and select Tests, Surveys and Pools as the only content you wish to copy. If there was a problem and you’re not seeing all your tests/quizzes, you can always check a course to see which of these assessments were copied over by going to the Test, Surveys and Pools section of that course (under Course Tools in your left hand menu).
If you didn’t do a full course copy, however, tests/quizzes may not show up within your weekly/content folders until you “deploy” them. To deploy a test or quiz, go to the folder you wish to add that assessment to, and select Assessment- Test. On this page under Add an existing test, select your test from the list of what is available in your course. Then press Submit to deploy your test in that new folder. If you are missing tests on this page, and they are not under Tests, Surveys and Pools, you will have to do a course copy of just the Tests, Surveys and Pools. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance.

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