Sehyun Oh

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Dr. Sehyun Oh, an Assistant Professor at CUNY SPH, integrated her expertise in experimental biology and bioinformatics to drive her research endeavors.
As a molecular biologist by training, she conducted research on DNA repair and telomere maintenance mechanisms during her doctoral and postdoctoral research. Transitioning from bench scientist to bioinformatics scientist during her postdoctoral work in Dr. Waldron’s lab at CUNY SPH, she has developed a novel approach for efficient public database searches and transfer learning. Currently, her pursuits involve creating a harmonized omics database to enhance the accessibility of machine learning tools. Her over-arching career goal is to develop intuitive informatics infrastructure and user-friendly tools that effectively lower barriers across diverse disciplines and resources, ultimately facilitating collaborative and interdisciplinary research.
PhD in Biochemistry from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN
BS in Biological Sciences from Seoul National University, Seoul
Research Interests
Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics, Database design and development, Transfer Learning, R/Bioconductor software development, Interdisciplinary research, Cloud computing