Fieldwork Opportunities as of Monday June 27, 2022

Jun. 27, 2022

POSITION: Internship (Fall 2022)


JCCA Medical Department

The JCCA medical program serves infants, children, adolescents and young adults in foster care. Our medical team aims to prevent, detect, and manage any physical, emotional, social, or developmental issue that may arise from birth to adulthood for our pediatric clients while addressing the additional health challenges faced by children in foster care. Our medical providers play a critical role in the routine care of our JCCA clients by:

  • Performing age-appropriate health screening
  • Diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, and other disorders that affect children
  • Ensuring that children are achieving developmental milestones
  • Performing evaluations to detect developmental or behavioral disorders (e.g., autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and developing care plans to address these problems
  • Educating parents/caregivers about well-child care, including immunizations, and counseling parents/caregivers about all aspects of their child’s health
  • Working with parents/caregivers to foster healthy lifestyles
  • Advocating for the welfare of children, educating those involved in the care of children, and effectively communicating with parents/caregivers, other physicians, teachers, and social workers on issues of child welfare

Our medical team devotes their clinical practice to the broad scope of pediatrics rather than one area within the medical specialty while collaborating with pediatric subspecialists who are experts in one area of pediatrics. Our program is a medical home for the children of JCCA allowing us to coordinate and integrate all of the vital multi-disciplinary services our children receive including mental health, social work support and care management. If a child is treated by a pediatric subspecialist or is hospitalized, the JCCA medical team remains a vital part of the care team through bidirectional communication with the treating institution or provider(s).

Overview of Internship:The intern will attend program meetings and any other meetings and trainings that are of interest. There may be additional, smaller projects that arise as needed; however, the following are projects the student may work on. 

  • Assist in creating educational tools for our foster parents and youth.
  • Assist with outreach to community organizations and providers.
  • Locate resources and providers in the community, especially in lesser served communities, for our members.

Supervisor:Dina Cicillini RN, Vice President, Clinical Operations,

Hours:8-10 hours per week should be sufficient. 

Location: Office-based internship located at 555 Bergen Avenue in the Bronx with opportunity for some work to be done remotely. Intern should come to the office 1 time per week. Meet in person a minimum of 1 time a month. 

To Apply: Students who are interested in applying, send an email with your resume to Hannah Stuart Lathan at 

Job Description: Graduate Field Placement for Research

Supervisors: Brian Pavilonis, PhD and Suzanne McDermott, PhD, Faculty in the Department of Environmental. Occupational, Geospatial Health Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, CUNY

Research Project: Researchers at the CUNY SPH are investigating in utero exposure to organic and inorganic chemicals in newborn infants.  The first stool (meconium) and buccal cells (from mouth cheek) will be collected from mothers and newborns in the postpartum units of Hospitals in Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens (Elmhurst), and Manhattan (Metropolitan). The goal of the project is to investigate the association of chemical exposures during pregnancy with DNA methylation in mothers and newborns. 

Graduate Field Work Student Responsibilities:

  • Obtain required approvals and certifications to conduct field work with human subjects, through CUNY IDEATE, the Institutional Review Board for CUNY
  • Complete trainings required by NYC Health and Hospitals (NYC H&H) systems to obtain volunteer status as a Graduate Student assistant
  • Train to administer Oral Informed Consent for mothers with newborns at Hospitals in NYC boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan) 
  • Learn the protocol requirements to obtain consent, collect meconium and buccal samples and participate in the scraping and transfer of samples to local freezers, and in some cases transport to the Medgar Evers College Chemistry Department in Brooklyn, for analysis
  • Work with the Site Principal Investigators at assigned Hospital, and with their nursing and medical staff, to conduct all steps outlined in the protocol: preparation of kits with diapers and liners, administer verbal informed consent, sample collection, and storage of samples

This can be utilized as a summer or fall fieldwork project with the opportunity for students enrolling in fall fieldwork to begin some of their fieldwork hours in summer if interested. Fluency in other languages (i.e. Spanish, Bengali) preferred, but not required.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to Samantha Fisher at

POSITION: Data Collection Intern


GMHC is a not-for-profit, data-driven, volunteer-supported, and community-based organization committed to national leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We provide HIV prevention and coordinated care services to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in New York City.

The GMHC Analytics and Evaluation Department at GMHC is seeking two interns who would aid
in the creation, administration, and tracking of agency-wide surveys. The intern will help create surveys and help ensure good content, and aesthetics of surveys. The intern will also administer surveys over the phone 95%+ of the time. The intern may need to administer surveys in-person, as needed. Finally, the intern will data enter surveys into electronic survey forms and maintain tracking sheets.


  • School Semester

  • 3 days per week, and 15 hours per week, minimum


    The intern should be a Junior or Senior undergraduate with a demonstrated interest in public health or a graduate student in public health, health sciences, or social sciences.


    In addition to the above-listed internship responsibilities and educational requirements, the ideal candidate for this internship possesses most or all of the following:

  • Required: Type a minimum of 40wpm

  • Preferred but not required: Fluent in Spanish

  • Preferred but not required: Microsoft Forms/Google Forms/SurveyMonkey Experience

  • Experience working cooperatively as part of a Team

  • Ability to communicate effectively

  • Attention to detail

  • Culturally sensitive

  • The intern must exhibit a non-judgmental affect when interacting with clients

This is an unpaid internship. We will work with students on what their goals are for the internship and can help a student to obtain academic credit for the internship.

Remote Work:

This position will be a hybrid position. The intern will primarily work remotely but may need to occasionally report to the office. The intern must have access to a computer with high-speed internet, and earphones or headphones to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Background Checks:

Our insurance company requires that all staff, volunteers, and interns complete a background check. The mandatory background check will screen for sexual and violent offenses. For GMHC to conduct the background check, your consent is required. If consent is not provided, we will not be able to offer an internship placement. The background check process will only be initiated after you have been offered an internship, and the internship can begin after it has been completed. Please note – The background check will require that you have a Social Security Number.

COVID Vaccination Requirement:

Interns are required to provide proof of COVID vaccination plus booster after an internship placement has been offered. This requirement is waived for 100% remote internships.


Applicants must:
Email the following to

• Resume

  • Cover Letter

          • Internship Application Form

            Organization: Bronx Parent Housing Network

            POSITION: Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) Fieldwork Intern

            Company Website:

            Location:Bronx, NY 10458

            The Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) Program at the Bronx Parent Housing Network has exciting fieldwork opportunities available! The FNS program is a comprehensive program that empowers underserved New Yorkers to achieve health and wellness through nutrition. Interns will have the opportunity to work with the Registered Dietitian on nutrition-related projects, as well as assist the onsite pantry with day-to-day operations and management. This is a wonderful opportunity to obtain learning and experience in community nutrition, non-profit management, and auditing/quality improvement, all while battling food insecurity and empowering nutritional independence in our community.

            Responsibilities/opportunities can be tailored, and examples include (but are not limited to):

            • Creating and performing audits to assess quality management
            • Implement quality improvement activities to improve program and service quality
            • Assist in creating nutrition education handouts and group presentations
            • Assisting with data reporting and charting
            • Recipe development for the FNS Recipe Book
            • Assisting clients with onsite pantry pickups
            • Assisting Dietary Aide to facilitate pantry bag home deliveries
            • Assist in sourcing nutritious foods to expand pantry offerings
            • Taking inventory and assisting with food ordering
            • Stocking and merchandising the onsite pantry
            • And other nutrition-related projects!

            Hours are flexible, and available during the following days/times.

            Monday: 9AM – 5PM

            Tuesday: 9AM – 5PM

            Wednesday: 9AM – 5PM

            Thursday: 11AM – 7PM

            Friday: 9AM – 5PM

            If interested, please reach out to Cara Jiang, Registered Dietitian/Program Director at with your availability and resume.

            POSITION: Fall 2022 Research Fieldwork Opportunity
            ORGANIZATION: Easy Water for Everyone
            PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The org has a well-established water purification program in Ghana, Uganda and Senegal operating and provide clean(ed) water to almost 15k villagers in rural areas. We are interested to work with a student on a systematic review and meta-analysis – both aspects (literature search and meta-analysis) will require coding skills and understanding on epidemiologic data and literature. We are a small non-profit organization consisting of a motivated and enthusiastic group of analytically inclined research professionals. This could be a wonderful contribution to the topic of water purification in remote areas with limited resources. We have a large amount of public health data at our disposition, have a great interest in the envisioned meta-analysis, and believe this paper could be an important contribution to the literature.
            TO APPLY:
            Email Jochen G. Raimann, MD, PhD, MPH, Director, Data Analytics | Renal Research Institute at Jochen.Raimann@RRINY.COM

            POSITION: Student Volunteer Program

            ORGANIZATION: FEMA Region 2 Office

            FEMA Region 2 Office is currently recruiting for student volunteers to serve across divisions (Recovery, Response, Mitigation, and National Preparedness) for the Fall of 2022. Below please find further information regarding the opportunities:


            POSITION: Tree of Life Center (TOLC) Community Connectedness Developer

            ORGANIZATION: Cornell University Cooperative Extension/TOLC Partnership 

            BACKGROUND: The Tree of Life Center [TOLC] partnership has deep roots, established connections, challenges faced, and aspirations for the future of the Jamaica community in Queens. The new TOLC apartment building will soon be home to 174 low-income families in the NYC community of Jamaica, Queens. Founding partners include the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica [FPCJ], First Jamaica Community and Urban Development Corporation [FJCUDC], Community Healthcare Network [CHN], and Cornell University Cooperative Extension’s NYC Programs [CUCE].  The mission of the FJCUDC, developer of the TOLC, centers on health equity and food access. The FPCJ’s diverse staff and congregation provide ongoing programs (food pantry, health fairs, and more). CUCE’s multilingual Extension educators engage thousands of families each year through nutrition, health, STEM, 4-H/youth development, and parenting programs. CHN’s federally qualified health center in Jamaica serves over 4,000 patients who live in the immediate neighborhood. In response to the pandemic, the TOLC partnership launched community-based COVID-19 vaccination clinics engaging volunteer Cornell medical students to administer vaccinations. The TOLC offers a unique opportunity to spark innovation through community engagement in program co-creation, building on the missions and programs of each partner organization.

            STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: This practicum will offer a student or small group of students the opportunity to work with partner organizations and with community/TOLC residents on assessing, strengthening, and developing social connectedness with the aim of promoting health equity and optimal health for people of all ages. There will be strong opportunities for the student(s) to focus on early child health and optimal development. The student(s) will work with TOLC partners and community/TOLC residents to identify program innovations as well as ways programs and services offered by TOLC partner organizations can be coordinated and linked so as to break down organizational silos. Specific activities and deliverables related to this practicum will include:

            • Attending monthly partnership meetings as well as working group meetings
            • Reviewing and applying organizational development materials and child health promotion materials included in the Robin Hood Foundation’s FUEL for 50 workshop series
            • Assisting in development of second phase application for FUEL for 50 funding award for the TOLC’s “Strong Together: Tree of Life Center Partnership for Young Children’s Health”
            • Assist in and conduct resident welcoming activities
            • Assist in and conduct needs and strengths assessment activities
            • Develop, present, and discuss report on each semester’s activities to the First Jamaica Community and Urban Development Corporation’s board and other stakeholders

            Preferred Qualifications

            • Coursework or degree-seeking in Public Health, Community Health, Human Resources, Public Administration, Health and Human Services, Public Health Nutrition, Marketing/ Communications, or related field
            • Excellent writing skills and communication skills
            • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel
            • Attention to detail and proficient communication skills

            How to apply:

            Interested candidates should email their resume and letter describing their interests, skills, and objectives to Tiffany, Executive Director, Cornell University Cooperative Extension – NYC Programs).  Position is located in Jamaica, Queens; team meetings and some work may be managed remotely. 

            POSITION: Gil Addo Harlem Health Fellowship

            ORGANIZATION: The Harlem Health Initiative (HHI) at CUNY SPH

            Program description: The Harlem Health Initiative (HHI) at CUNY SPH launched in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. At its core, HHI is a technical assistance and training program to bolster community-based organizations (CBOs). Its single aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of the Harlem community through relationship building with existing coalitions and networks of CBOs, while also ensuring CUNY SPH’s status as a community-centered institution, part of the fabric of Harlem. The Initiative prioritizes consistent community representation and engagement when considering programming and policy as opposed to integrating community perspectives only when buy-in is necessary. As a result of its footprint and suite of support, HHI has enabled the school to garner nearly $7 million in research and community program funding that directly addresses critical health issues facing Harlem, including a task-shifting program to identify mental health concerns among residents in housing projects, establishing a community co-laboratory with CBOs to establish and enhance health equity programming, and building vaccine literacy through health communications and partner training activities. The Initiative provides community organizations with up-to-date health data, supports survey work, and engages student interns in community practice. HHI also works with Harlem’s elected and government officials to educate them about health issues like food insecurity, mental health, and COVID-19 impacts, and helps them understand how legislation can be supported by CUNY SPH’s work.

            The portfolio of community engagement activities of HHI has expanded greatly over the last two years in an unexpected and unprecedented way. The Initiative’s Director, Ms. Deborah Levine, supports the school’s community portfolio. The Gil Addo Harlem Health Fellowship (“Fellowship”) will allow Ms. Levine to hire two student fellows at the master’s or doctoral level who will partner with her over a two-year period. Addo Fellows will be responsible for project management and general support of the Harlem Health Initiative.

            Position Overview: This role will support HHI Director Deborah Levine and Program Manager Claire Ogburn and help ensure that the team meets program goals and deliverables in a timely and effective manner. The position’s responsibilities encompass community engagement and outreach for a variety of community-based research projects and initiatives; data gathering and analysis; community partner communication and support; research on health and wellness indicators for Harlem, the neighborhood’s CBOs and FBOs, and the impact of COVID-19 on Harlem; database assembly and management; developing health communications materials; and workstream alignment. This is a part-time position at 20 hours per week, per semester (15 weeks) at a rate of $35 per hour. Fellows are asked to make a one- year commitment. 

            Gil Addo Harlem Health Fellow Responsibilities: Under the leadership of the HHI Director and Program Manager, Fellows will:

            Fellow 1:

            • Develop a global partnership “master” database for CUNY SPH that can be accessed and leveraged by all school programs, including key programmatic partners: the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Services, the Pandemic Response Institute, Harlem Strong, CIRGH, the Vaccine Literacy Campaign, etc. 
            • Liaise with the aforementioned offices and initiatives to ensure cross-communication of activities; maintain a record of concurrent research, outreach, and programs
            • Identify indicators to include across SPH-led survey work of both community partners and the SPH student / alumni community
            • Assist with development and execution of HHI’s 2022 Webinar Series
            • Support the Pandemic Response Institute (PRI)’s Community Convening and Learning Team (CCLT), including database creation & management, liaising with NYC Department of Health and Department of Emergency Management, and attendance at virtual meetings.
            • Other duties as assigned. 

            Fellow 2:

            • Develop an uptown charter book to develop the “who” and the “what” of health policy players and the state of health in Harlem. 
            • Create a central dashboard database that displays aggregate data sets; coordinate with other CUNY SPH dashboards 
            • Support the evolution and integration of advisory councils across CUNY SPH
            • Support data collection, analysis and reporting efforts to understand and publicize the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Harlem’s residents, organizations, and community leaders.
            • Aid with writing funding proposals for multiple research and community projects.
            • Assist with recruitment and outreach of community partners.
            • Other duties as assigned. 


            • Master’s or Doctoral student at CUNY SPH in good academic standing
            • Desired candidate qualifications: 
            • Demonstrated commitment to social and racial equity 
            • Database development / management and information architecture skills (experience with AirTable or other project management software, a plus)
            • Quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis skills
            • Strong writing skills
            • Experience working with community-based, faith-based organizations, and/or social services organizations (outreach, engagement, partnership development and management)
            • Development of culturally competent, linguistically-sensitive health communications materials, including infographics
            • Experience working within the Harlem community is a plus
            • Other language proficiency, a plus

            To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to by May 31, 2022, and indicate which fellow position (i.e., “1,” “2,” or “both”) you wish to apply for. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

            POSITION: Health Policy Intern 

            ORGANIZATION:  Office of Child & Family Health (OCFH) /NYC ACS

            The Office of Child & Family Health (OCFH) is charged with ensuring that all children in the care of the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) have access to physical and mental/behavioral health care that is comprehensive, appropriate and in line with current best practice standards. OCFH delivers direct medical services to children entering foster care, offers individual case consultations, technical assistance and training to ACS staff and foster care agencies on a variety of health-related topics, conducts research and performance assessments, and provides clinical expertise in developing health and mental health policies that support best case practice.

            The Health Policy Intern will be a part of the OCFH team and engage in health policy work. She/he/they will work under the Director of Health Policy and Planning.

            Responsibilities may include:

            • Conducting and reporting findings from literature reviews for projects related to child and adolescent health;
            • Updating health assessment tools and forms;
            • Reviewing, and updating ACS medical and mental health policy and procedure manuals;
            • Participating in agency-wide meetings, committees and workgroups to ensure that health care issues are incorporated into internal program design and policy development;
            • Supporting health policy and program development initiatives;
            • Performing other related duties, as appropriate.

            Primary Location:

            150 William Street, New York, New York 10038 but you should have the ability to work remotely.

            Candidate Requirements:

            • Graduate student with interest in and knowledge of health policy, child health, Medicaid policy, and/or adolescent sexual and reproductive health;
            • Strong analytical, writing and communication skills;
            • Ability to multitask while maintaining strong attention to detail;
            • Ability to take initiative and work independently;
            • Experience using Microsoft Office software, including: Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint;
            • Time limited with an average of 8-10 hours per week

            This position is unpaid, school credit and flexible hours may be available. Internship may be used as a fieldwork placement and/or practicum.

            To Apply: Please email your cover letter and resume to Bianca Lopez, Director of Health Policy and Planning,


            POSITION: Fall 2022 Research Fieldwork Opportunity

            ORGANIZATION: MONDO (Monitoring Dialysis Outcomes) Initiative at Renal Research Institute
            With chronic kidney disease being an increasing problem in public health and the outcomes in the dialysis population unfortunately remaining poor, MONDO Initiative’s work aims to contribute to the understanding of disease and outcome dynamics with the potential to change practice patterns internationally on a large scale. Of note – at this point only two international databases of comparable size and diversity exist and MONDO’s database is the only one word-wide allowing for longitudinal analysis covering the dimensions of clinical and demographic parameters, technological data ranging from dialysis machine to body composition assessments using bioimpedance, and outcomes, at this remarkably high granularity with close to 50 million record entries. Fieldwork students will learn a lot about dialysis, the medical background of chronic kidney disease, and what predicts outcomes. Students will further get a first idea of big data analytics and advanced statistical methodologies. 
            The range of projects currently in the pipeline for which MONDO seeks fieldwork students ranges from studies of pathophysiologic dynamics, body composition studies and outcome studies using our rich dataset. We have a wide range of expertise on our team and are experienced mentors with a great interest to further our projects, but at the same time make this an inspiring educational experience. The support will comprise remote and in-person meetings, teaching of R programming in a Citrix-server based remote virtual environment (comparable with an AWS EC2 VDI) and is planned to result in (at least) one publication which the student will be a coauthor of and receive the deserved credit. Use of the data in the form of a Capstone or master’s essay is encouraged and Dr. Raimann will be acting in a supporting role to this endeavor. Requirements are good knowledge in epidemiology and biostatistics, and good coding skills in either R or Python.
            For more information, view Dr. Raimann’s presentation on MONDO: The international MONitoring Dialysis Outcomes (MONDO) database initiative
            TO APPLY:
            Email Jochen G. Raimann, MD, PhD, MPH, Director, Data Analytics | Renal Research Institute at Jochen.Raimann@RRINY.COM