Food researchers release strategies for a healthier, more just, and sustainable food system

Mar. 16, 2022
NY Food 2025 graphic

Researchers from CUNY SPH, Hunter College, and the Columbia University Teachers College released seven policy briefs today, building on two years of research examining the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on New York City’s food policies and programs and proposing specific policy measures the mayor and City Council should consider to build a stronger, healthier, more just, and sustainable food system. 

The researchers unveiled the reports at an event moderated by Lisa Held, a Senior Staff Reporter at Civil Eats best known for her work writing about the food system, agriculture, and the environment

The briefs present 28 concrete recommendations to reduce food insecurity; improve healthy food access; reduce promotion and availability of unhealthy food; support a robust, sustainable, and equitable food infrastructure; protect and empower food workers; advance food planning; and increase citizen control and ownership of the food system.

This work was supported by several funders organized by Community Food Funders, a philanthropic organizing project that supports healthier food systems in the New York metropolitan region.