Student Services



From Our Associate Dean of Students: You Told Us and We Listened!

Soon after I arrived at the CUNY School of Public Health in 2014, we launched a process to listen, and respond, to our students. I’m pleased to report that we are now implementing what we learned from that process.

Here’s what we asked

Through several surveys of admitted and current students, we asked questions about:

  • Your background
  • The skills you’d like to acquire
  • The jobs you want
  • The types of settings you expect to be working in

We also asked what you want from us while you are here, such as:

  • Fields that attracted you to CUNY SPH
  • Areas that you’d like to see the school expand into

And finally, we wanted to know what we can do for you, and how our services can fit your schedule. After all, our budget may be finite, but we should at least be able to focus squarely on your needs.

Here’s what we heard

One thing we learned is that most of our students are looking ahead toward careers in:

  • Health departments,
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Community-Based Nonprofit Organizations.

This tells us we must ensure that our curriculum provides you with the skills to prepare you for employment in these and other areas.

We also learned that you are very keen to join student clubs, with global health being a particular area of interest.

Among skill-based workshops you wanted, writing was at the top of your list. In terms of how you’d like to participate in workshops and get curriculum information, you told us you’d prefer a combination of virtual, online and face-to-face opportunities, and you told us your preferred times to hold these sessions.

Here’s what we’re doing

  • We have created several new clubs, including the Global Health Workgroup, which hosts our popular monthly Gateway to Global Health events.
  • In addition to face-to-face info sessions, we are conducting regular virtual chats at times most convenient to you. One goal of these sessions is to bring you up-to-date on our transition to a new CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, and what that transition means to you.
  • Writing assistance is available to all students, and we are expanding these offerings to other areas as well.
  • We have added a weekly jobs board to our Facebook page, and encourage you to follow it, as well as our LinkedIn page.
  • We are also working to ensure that all our offerings fit your schedule preferences (3:30 p.m. was most popular) to the best extent possible.

All this is just a start, and only the first phase toward a more student-centered institution in which you will play an integral part in defining our future.

If you’re thinking of attending CUNY SPH, or if you’re already here, our goal for Students Services is not merely to “serve you.” It is to collaborate with you to build the best academic and skills-focused program possible, to connect you with our marvelous faculty, and for all of us to work together to achieve the full potential of the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy.

Thank you everyone, for all your input.


Ashish Joshi, MD, PhD, MPH
Senior Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs