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The CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) offers master’s and doctoral degree programs that prepare students to meet the public health challenges of the 21st century. The school emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex health problems by analyzing their causes at multiple levels of organization (such as individual, family, community, city, and nation) and planning interventions that address these levels of influence.

CUNY SPH recognizes the importance of culture and community and seeks to prepare graduates who can work with diverse populations to achieve common health goals. Courses provide students with up-to-date scientific knowledge so they can translate findings into programs and policies that make a difference. With a focus on urban populations, the curriculum prepares students to understand the health impact of global migration and the many ways that cities around the world can learn from each other to improve public health.

Master’s Degree Programs (MPH/MS)

Doctoral Degree Programs (DPH)

Nutrition and Dietetics Program


MPH/MS Admissions Requirements

Spring Semester:  December 15, 2017
Fall Semester:  March 1, 2018

  1. SOPHAS online application
  2. Application fee: $135 for your first selection + $50 for each additional one (a)
  3. Official transcripts of all institutions attended (GPA of at least 3.0) (b)
  4. Personal statement / statement of purpose (recommended length is 500 words) (a)
  5. Letters of recommendation – SOPHAS requires 3 to complete your application (a)
  6. Resume (a)
  7. Background in the field
    • Some programs may accept academic knowledge – 18 credits of health related courses
    • Work experience – one year in related job, internship, volunteer position, etc.
  8. TOEFL scores are required if language of instruction for prior degrees was not English (c)
    • Paper Based Test: 550
    • Computer Administered Test: 233
    • Internet Based Test: 60 (Reading score + Writing score + Listening score)
    • SOPHAS’ TOEFL code is 5688
  9. Transcript evaluation from WES or ECE for foreign transcripts
  10. Standardized Tests
    • MPH in Health Policy and Management does not require standardized tests
    • MPH in Community Health Education requires either GRE or MCAT scores
    • MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health requires either GRE or MCAT scores for those with GPA less than 3.0
    • MS in Environmental and Occupational Health requires either GRE or MCAT scores for those with GPA less than 3.0
    • MPH in Nutrition does not require standardized tests
    • MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics requires GRE scores

    For information on how to submit standardized test scores, please click here. Applicants who have a post graduate degree from a U.S. accredited school or a post graduate degree in clinical or allied health that WES or ECE has deemed equivalent to its US counterpart may request a standardized test waiver.

    Please be advised that waivers are granted on a case by case basis. To find out if you are eligible for a standardized test waiver, please email your US transcripts or transcript evaluations of foreign degrees to

For information on applying to the CUNY SPH MPH and MS programs, please visit the following link: Tips for Applying to MPH and MS Programs

To find answers to many commonly asked questions, please check out our Admissions FAQ page.


DPH Admissions Requirements                     DEADLINE: December 15

Please note that the DPH Program in Epidemiology and Health Policy and Management will not be accepting applications for Fall 2018

All applicants must submit a completed application through SOPHAS which includes:

  1. GRE scores. DPH applicants must submit a GRE score from within the past 5 years. There are no GRE exemptions for DPH candidates.
  2. Three letters of recommendation (at least 1 should be an academic reference)
  3. CV/Resume indicating at least three years of prior relevant teaching, research or programmatic work experience
  4. A personal statement (up to 1500 words)
  5. Completion of a Master’s of Public Health degree. Applicants with a Master’s or higher level degree in another discipline will need to take five core Master’s level public health courses. If accepted to the DPH program, three courses must be completed prior to enrollment and the remaining two within the first year of matriculation:
    1. Biostatistics
    2. Epidemiology
    3. Environmental Health
    4. Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Health
    5. Health Policy and Management
  6. TOEFL scores are required if language of instruction for prior degrees was not English
  7. Transcript evaluation – for all applicants with international transcripts


Track-specific additional requirements:

  • Community, Society and Health (CSH): At least three Masters-level courses in social dimensions of health and two quantitative research courses (e.g. biostatistics and epidemiology).
  • Epidemiology (EPI): At least three Masters’ level quantitative research courses (e.g. biostatistics, epidemiology and research methods), preferably with grades of A- or better. Not accepting applications for Fall 2018
  • Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH): At least three courses in either occupational health and safety or environmental sciences; plus one course in health law or policy related to the environment, the workplace, or sustainability.
  • Health Policy and Management (HPM): One course in health care systems, management, or administration; one course in health policy; one social science course in a cognate-related field, such as economics, sociology or political science. Not accepting applications for Fall 2018

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To find answers to many commonly asked questions, please check out our admissions FAQ page.

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