SPaR Grant Submission Timeline

The SPaR Office would like to encourage faculty to utilize the Research Foundation’s APPS Office services. These include review of your proposal. In order to take advantage of this program you need to have the components nearly complete one month before the date the proposal is due. They will both edit the language for grammar and clarity as well as send it out for peer review.


SPaR Grant Submission Timetable
Days in Advance of Submission Deadline Responsible Party Task at Hand
2 months Principal Investigator Notify the Research Program Manager of your intent to submit an application on a specific date.
30 Business Days Principal Investigator From the SPaR website, complete and email the Grant Information Form.

Provide the Research Program Manager with a list of personnel with proposed effort, consultants and equipment

If applicable, provide information on subcontracts associated with the proposal

24 Business Days (Pre-award) Research Program Manager or designee In conjunction with PI, create a draft budget. Draft budget to be returned to PI for review and edits within three (3) business days.
24 Business Days Research Team Will provide Biosketches to PI for review
18 Business Days Principal Investigator Will provide Biosketches to Research Program Manager
18 Business Days Principal Investigator PI will return draft budget with any effort, equipment, or supply changes to Research Program Manager.[i]

Will provide a draft Budget Justification and Facilities/Equipment section of grant.

10 Business Days Pre-award Research Program Manager FINAL COMPONENTS for Approvals: (Budget, Budget Justification, Project Narrative, Project Summary (abstract), Facilities/Equipment) will be uploaded by Research Program Manager. Grant will be validated by Research Program Officer and routed for internal review/approval.
6 Business Days Principal Investigator FINAL REMAINING COMPONENTS: Research Plan (Research Strategy, Aims) to Research Program Manager to upload
3 Business Days Principal Investigator When grant is approved by SPaR, 1) PI will meet with Research Program Manager to review all final documents together 2) Grant will be electronically submitted to NIH or other funder 3 days PRIOR to ACTUAL submission deadline date.  



[i] This includes budgets for sub-recipients and contractors.