Research Foundation APPS

CUNY Research Foundation Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support

All information provided here is available in greater detail at the RF’s website.

The following is a list of services the APPS Office provides

  • Assisting the faculty and students with identifying funding sources
  • Sharing knowledge of agency mission, culture, and funding opportunities
  • Offering consultation about all aspects of proposal preparation
  • Facilitating easy access to information on funding opportunities and other resources through access to a comprehensive and continually updated APPS website
  • Connecting the faculty to build/create disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations University-wide, nationally, and internationally
  • Offering and encouraging attendance at sponsored program development-related and proposal writing workshops, seminars, on-line forums, and meetings
  • Supporting faculty to meet program officers and to serve on proposal review panels at the grant funding institutions
  • Scheduling and coordinating visits of workshops and outreach activities by representatives of funding agencies
  • Acting as liaison between principal investigators/project directors and the funding agency program officers/grant administrators on questions or issues that arise prior to funding
  • Creation of an internal proposal peer review process
  • Development of a shared grant proposal database (e.g. Kuali Research)
  • Offering follow-up consultation when a proposal is denied funding by helping to strengthen the proposal and assisting the investigators in determining whether there is merit in a resubmission