Hongbin Zhang

With a background of training in mathematics, computer sciences and statistics, Dr. Hongbin Zhang research interests can be divided into three areas: biostatistics applications, computational statistics and causal inferences. In the area of biostatistics application, he has collaborated with a variety field researchers and published 20+ peer review papers and applied/obtained number of grants. In computational statistics, his particular interest is to seek balance of computation efficiency and estimation accuracy among the application of EM algorithm, MCMC and variety approximation such as Laplace and Taylor expansion with mixed effects model for mixed type of data. In causal inferences, he is interested in applying the causal inference theories, combined with modern computation for the cause of dementia and other diseases.



  • PhD in Statistics from University of British Columbia,
  • MSc in Statistics from University of British Columbia,


Research Interests

Biostatistics applications, computational statistics, causal inference



  • Institute of Public Health and Implementation Science



Hongbin Zhang