Wellness Room

Returning to work or classes after having a baby can be challenging enough for breastfeeding parents without worrying about finding a convenient place to pump. That is why we are so pumped to spread the word that CUNY SPH provides a Wellness Room located on the 8th Floor, providing a quiet and private place for breastfeeding parents to pump.

breast pump

All students, faculty, staff and visitors may use the Wellness Room in Room 819 where you will find a comfortable chair, a counter, and a refrigerator for storing your milk, snacks and beverages.

You can request access from the 7th floor Public Safety desk at any time you are on campus. A Public Safety officer will escort you to the 8th floor and grant you private access to the Wellness Room.

Please direct any questions or concerns about your use of the Wellness Room to the Lynn Roberts (lynn.roberts@sph.cuny.edu), Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations.

More information, support and resources for breastfeeding parents is available here.