In Remembrance

We offer this space to the SPH community for you to honor family member(s) you have lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that COVID-19 has changed how we say goodbye to and memorialize our dear loved ones. While our mourning traditions might look different they remain so very important. Your expressions of who your lost family member was and what they meant to you and to the world matter to us. While there may be physical distance between us, we remain a community with opportunities for mutual support. With immense sympathy and respect, we invite you to share your tributes.

Calla lily wtih candle

“We deeply mourn loved ones we have lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are forever changed by the presence of those dear to our hearts. We are forever changed by their absence.  As we navigate our complex new realities, we pause to honor our immensely treasured ones….who will be forever missed. We carry their names, legacies, stories, inside jokes, lessons, smiles, and love with us through space and time always.”

Sherry Adams