Updates on COVID-19

Last updated: April 1, 2020 3:10pm

Message from the Dean: 

Dear CUNY SPH Community,

In this week’s message I am continuing to focus on how our school has been applying the basic principles of emergency preparedness.

This week, I will focus on the principle of building on what we already have.

Organizations that show the greatest degree of success in confronting unexpected challenges and the highest resilience in the face of disaster are those possessing a strong platform to build upon. I am proud of what we have to build upon as a community.

Building on in-house expertise in online learning
Thanks to our solid start in online education, already in action for three years now, our students and faculty were not confronted with a culture shock . Indeed, of the 66 courses/sections being taught this semester, 34 were already online and most of our faculty and students were well accustomed to this mode of instruction.

Building on an exemplary body of students and faculty
Those students and faculty who did have to make rapid adjustments did so with valor and grace. The overall smoothness of the transition and the resilience of students has been inspiring. It is early days, of course, and we will learn more about how students are meeting new learning challenges in a Town Hall meeting taking place this Friday, April 3. And on Monday, April 6, we will hold another Town Hall meeting focused on maintaining resilience. Students, please check your SPH email for your invitations to both of these events!

Building on our trust in each other and the value we place in teamwork
I’m talking about the all-hands-on-deck support and technical assistance from faculty, IT, administration and academic leadership to keep our educational programs functioning optimally. Kudos to you all, or should I say us all, for well-orchestrated problem identification, implementation of required changes and modifications, training on new systems, and performance monitoring that all took place so seamlessly and smoothly. This could not have happened if we had not worked in teams before and if we had not developed trust in each other’s efficacy and judgement.

Gratitude is the sentiment I would like to express today and hope to maintain these communications with you all on a regular basis.

Ayman El-Mohandes

Effective March 19 and until further notice, CUNY SPH essential personnel will be on campus on Thursdays from 8am – 6pm, and operating remotely on other weekdays. If you need to pick up or drop off equipment or materials on Thurdays, please email Public.Safety@sph.cuny.edu to schedule a specific date and time, and make sure your appointment is confirmed before coming to campus.

If you wish to reach a CUNY SPH faculty member or staff person, please email them. You can refer to our faculty directory or staff directory to find email addresses.




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CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy reaffirms our commitment to diversity and reminds our campus community that we promote and support a culture of civility, respect, and inclusion.  As we respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat, it is essential that we remain supportive of all members of our campus community during these challenging times.

Discriminatory behavior based on misinformation, assumptions, and prejudice against persons of a specific race or ethnicity will not be tolerated, and any member of the campus community who believes that they are being treated in a discriminatory manner is encouraged to contact the Chief Diversity Officer Sahana Gupta at 646-618-0129 or sahana.gupta@cuny.edu.

If you feel sick

If you feel sick, please follow the NYC Department of Health guidelines:

  • If you are sick, stay home at all times. If you do not feel better in three to four days, consult your health care provider. Call, text, use telemedicine or use your patient portal to contact your physician.
  • Do not go to the emergency department or other places to seek health care if you are not severely ill. Stay home and keep health care access available for others with more severe illness.
  • If you need help getting medical care, call 311. You can get care in NYC regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.
  • You can leave your home when all of the following are true:
    • It has been seven days after your symptoms started.
    • You have not had a fever for three days without the use of fever-reducing drugs.
    • Your cough or sore throat symptoms have improved.

More detailed information from the CDC