MD-MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics aims to understand and improve the health of populations through research and teaching that promote social justice and public health policy changes. Faculty members are actively engaged in cutting edge research to address critical and current public health problems in New York and around the world. The Department offers an MPH in epidemiology and biostatistics and a PhD degree in epidemiology. Our mission is to train the next cadre of public health practitioners, epidemiologists and biostatisticians in rigorous epidemiology and statistical methods and their applications to pressing and real-life public health problems.

Medical students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine can complete their MD and MPH in EPI-BIOS degrees in 4+1 years by following the recommended course sequence and completing the MPH courses described in the curriculum tab below.

Admission Requirements
  • Completed application
  • A transcript from Einstein sent to CUNY SPH (when applying for matriculated status in an MPH Program)
Additional Admission Requirements for the MPH program
  • Good academic standing at Einstein (for matriculated or non-matriculated status)
  • A cumulative GPA in CUNY SPH online courses of 3.7 or greater (when applying for matriculated status in an MPH Program)
Deadline to Apply for Summer 2021
February 1, 2021
Pre-Application Requirements

Medical students enrolled at Einstein who are pursuing their MDs, have successfully completed the Fall 2019 semester at Einstein, and are in good academic standing, may enroll in online core courses at CUNY SPH, taken on a non-matriculated basis, during the Summer 2020 session. Such students will continue their full-time coursework at Einstein during their second and third years. During the Fall semester of their third year, these students may formally apply for admission to the MPH program via a no-fee, fast-track application.

Those Einstein students in the 4+1 pathway who participate in an Einstein-sponsored practical experience such as the Einstein Global Health Fellowship, may register for a CUNY SPH fieldwork course and use the Einstein practical experience to fulfill their fieldwork requirement for an MPH.

Application Requirements

To be eligible for the CUNY SPH fast-tracked application process, students must have remained in good academic standing at Einstein by the end of their second year and have a cumulative GPA in their CUNY SPH online courses of 3.7 or greater. If admitted to the program, students will follow the degree completion schedule (4+1 pathway) detailed in the Recommended Course Sequence section of this page.

Einstein students who do not meet the criteria for the CUNY SPH fast-track application process may complete the standard SPH application available on SOPHAS and pay the application fee to have their application reviewed by the SPH Admissions Committee for decision.

Course Requirements Credits Prerequisites Semester taken by Einstein 4+1 MD-MPH students
Foundational Knowledge (0 credits)
PUBH 601 Foundations of Public Health Knowledge 0   Winter year 4 online
5 Core Courses (15 credits)
PUBH 610 Public Health Leadership and Management 3   Fall year 4
PUBH 611 Health Equity, Communication, and Advocacy 3   Fall year 4
PUBH 612 Designing and Evaluating Public Health Interventions 3   Spring year 4
PUBH 613 Designs, Concepts, and Methods in Public Health Research 3   Summer year 1 online
PUBH 614 Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis Methods in Public Health Research 3   Summer year 1 online
5 Concentration Courses (15 credits)
BIOS 620 Applied Biostatistics I 3 PUBH 613 & PUBH 614 Summer year 3 online
EPID 620 Epidemiological Methods I 3 PUBH 613 & PUBH 614 Summer year 3 online
BIOS 621 Applied Biostatistics II 3 BIOS 620 & EPID 620 Fall year 4
EPID 621 Epidemiological Methods II 3 BIOS 620 & EPID 620 Fall year 4
EPID 622 Applied Research: Data Management and Analysis 3 BIOS 621 & EPID 621 SPRING year 4
2 Elective Courses (6 credits)      
Elective 1 3   Fall year 4
Elective 2 3   Spring year 4
Practice & Culminating Experience (6 credits)
PUBH 696 Supervised Fieldwork* 3 Waived Summer year 1 or 4*
PUBH 698 Capstone Project 3 Four MPH core courses, EPID 696, EPID 621, BIOS 621, and department permission (modified) Spring year 4
Total Credits: 42

*Students may use the Einstein global health fellowship for PUBH 696 (Fieldwork). They should register for fieldwork the semester they complete it and consult with the CUNY SPH Office for Experiential Learning in advance to ensure that their fieldwork plan fulfills the requirements. This requirement can be completed during the summer of their first or third year.  Alternately, students may participate in another CUNY SPH-Approved fieldwork experience during the summer after their third year.  Students should contact the CUNY SPH Office for Experiential Learning for fieldwork opportunities and approval at least a semester before they plan to start fieldwork (whether the Einstein fellowship or any other fieldwork placement).

Semester Course
Year 1 Einstein medical school coursework

PUBH 613, PUBH 614

Year 2 Einstein medical school coursework
Year 3
Einstein medical school coursework

EPID 620, BIOS 620, PUBH 696*
*Einstein Global Health Fellowship or other CUNY SPH approved fieldwork, if not completed in Year 1 Summer

Year 4

Fall: EPID 621, BIOS 621, PUBH 610, PUBH 611, Elective I
Spring: PUBH 601, EPID 622, PUBH 612, Elective II, PUBH 698

Year 5 Einstein medical school coursework

Students will be required to meet with the coordinator/advisor from each institution upon entering the program to confirm degree requirements, course sequencing, and research plans, and then at least once per semester thereafter.

Please see our Office of Financial Aid page for information on loans, scholarships, and other financial aid related issues.