Tax-Levy Travel

Tax-Levy Travel

The CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy supports local and out-of-town travel to conferences, meetings, workshops and other related events in order to advance scholarship, learning and networking among the faculty, students and staff.

The Office of Business Services and Finance is available to assist faculty, staff and students in understanding and applying School, CUNY, and NYS rules and regulations to obtain authorization to travel, make travel arrangements, submit travel expense reports, and obtain reimbursement, as appropriate.

Faculty and staff who expect to travel using tax-levy funds as part of their on-going responsibilities should review the information on the Faculty and Staff Travel page and familiarize themselves with applicable NYS travel rules and regulations.

Student Travel

  • Financial support for travel may be available to CUNY SPH students who present their work at the Annual Public Health Association meetings which are held in October – November each fall. The Office of Student and Academic Affairs will notify students at the beginning of the academic year about the availability of and procedures for obtaining such funding.
  • The CUNY SPH Graduate Student Graduate Association (GSGA) may also provide financial assistance to CUNY SPH students who present their work and participate in professional meetings.  Students may contact GSGA at to learn more about the availability of and requirements for such funding.

If you need to make travel arrangements for a non-tax-levy employee or non-CUNY guest for CUNY business (e.g. out-of-town job candidate interview or guest speaker), please contact the Business Office for assistance.

  • DO NOT ask the traveler to lay out personal funds for hotel or transportation.
  • The Business Office will use a Net Card to procure transportation and lodging arrangements, as needed; will provide travelers with the required documentation and information; and will complete the required reconciliation/ERs. Please ask the traveler to retain all original itemized receipts (e.g. for transportation, lodging) and travel documents (e.g. boarding pass, eTicket). * The Business Office will provide Exemption Certificate for Tax on Occupancy of Hotel or Motel Rooms (ST-129) so that taxes are not charged for lodging accommodations and approval to Exceed Maximum Per Diem Rate (In links)
  • Non-CUNY employees and guests who require reimbursement for travel expenses should complete the Claim Form for Travel Reimbursement by a Non-Employee