Reducing global diseases and injuries by effective regulation of corporations

April 30, 2018 | Press Releases & Announcements

Nicholas Freudenberg speaking at Wemos

Nicholas Freudenberg speaking at Wemos

Can public health researchers and advocates in the United States and Europe develop a shared research and action agenda to improve the public health regulation of transnational corporations?  To explore that question, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy Distinguished Professor Nicholas Freudenberg recently gave several lectures and met with colleagues in Europe.

In talks at the European Parliament, the Dutch Ministry of Health, and at several civil society groups, Freudenberg described the role of corporate business and political practices in the global rise of premature deaths and preventable illnesses from non-communicable diseases and injuries.  “As the U.S.  government dismantles the public health regulatory agencies developed over the last 50 years,” said Freudenberg, “researchers need to document the impact of these changes and develop new strategies to protect public health.  By partnering with European scientists and advocates, we can accelerate this process.”

Freudenberg’s trip was sponsored by Wemos Foundation, a Dutch global health foundation, the European Public Health Alliance and Corporate Europe Observatory. His book Lethal but Legal Corporations, Consumption and protecting Public Health was recently translated into Dutch. 

Cover of Nicholas Fruedenberg's new book "Lethal But Legal"

Nicholas Fruedenberg’s new book