Corporations and the Health of the Public

September 18, 2016 | Press Releases & Announcements

Nick Freudenberg

Nick Freudenberg

With colleagues in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere, Nicholas Freudenberg, Distinguished Professor of Public Health at CUNY, has recently published three articles on the health impact of corporations.

The first, by Weishaar et al., analyzes how the media represent the tobacco, alcohol, and food industries in their coverage of public health debates on chronic diseases.   The second, by Parra et al., examines how the automobile, construction, and entertainment industries contribute to the rise of physical inactivity, a major contributor to global premature deaths and preventable illnesses. The third article, by Baum et al., proposes a methodology for assessing the health impact of specific transnational corporations on workers, consumers, and the environment.  “The business and political practices of corporations are a major social determinant of health and health inequality”, said Dr. Freudenberg. “These articles suggest frameworks for the empirical investigations that can provide the evidence to inform policies to modify harmful practices.”


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