Local Heroes: Recognizing the Extraordinary Team Behind the Most Recent Phase of Our Successful Transition

September 2, 2016 | SPH Accolades

When things run smoothly, there’s not much to say. Faculty, staff and students have the resources to carry on their research and training, service functions optimally, and the vast engine of our infrastructure is invisible. That’s the way it should be. But from time to time, and especially right now as we look back on the most recent phase of our transition to a consolidated school, it’s important that we recognize the extraordinary efforts of those whose phenomenal dedication made our success possible. We are all especially indebted to the following members of our community:

STUDENT SERVICES: Meg Krudysz, Pranoya (Molly) Ghosh, Katucha Louis, Lea Diaz, Amina Alam, and Velvet Brown

IT TEAM: Mohit Arora, Irfan Nadeem, Michelle Finn, and Will Ebertz

PUBLIC SAFETY: Desiree Joyner, Dawn Murrain, Jackie Echandy, Peggy Miller, and Jonathan Ulysse

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION: Theresa Matis, Esther Correal, and Jeanette Rodriguez

PERSONNEL: Joy Hampson and Kim McFarlane

According to Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Susan Klitzman, each of these individuals, “… goes above and beyond every day to extend themselves – beyond their formal job duties and work hours – to do everything humanly possible to ensure the success of the move, our readiness for the start of the semester this week, and by extension, the success of the School. We are blessed with an extraordinary team and no words or deeds can begin to appreciate their good will, dedication and hard work.”