La Marqueta East Harlem Harvest Festival: Spooking the Community Into Having a Healthier Halloween

October 31, 2013 | Press Releases & Announcements

The Nutrition Club in partnership with The Food Policy Center demonstrated how to have a healthier Halloween on Sunday, October 27th at the La Marqueta East Harlem Harvest Festival. Demonstrating festive, healthy treats for parents and children alike, Nutrition Club volunteers distributed two crates of apples from the Corbin Hill CSA in the form of “Monster Mouths” – peanut butter between two apple slices with jagged almond slices as monster teeth. Additional snacks included Banana Boos – bananas decorated with dark chocolate chip eyes and mouth – and Spooky Eyes and Spiders – hard-boiled eggs with sliced olives. Handouts with the healthy treat recipes, nutrition information on pumpkins and methods for incorporating them into traditional recipes, and how to make “sweet swaps” with popular Halloween candy brands were also distributed in both English and Spanish.

julia and elio